Driver's Ed chp 1-2

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How long do you have to report a change in address?
1 week
How long do you have to report a name change to Motor Vehicle
2 weeks
At what age can you obtain a permit?
16 years old
List 3 things you need to complete before you can acquire permit?
Pass and complete the knowledge and vision tests, must have parent's/guardian's consent, completed 6 hours of behind the wheel training
Upon completion of an approved behind the wheel course you can practice drive only if you have a _______ driver of 3 years experience over 21 and in between ______am to ______pm.
Must have a licensed driver of 3 years experience over 21. Can only drive in between 5:01 am and 11:00 pm
Describe permit restrictions?
Drive with adult supervisor, must have red decals in upper left corner on both front and back of the car, no driving in between 11:01 pm and 5:00 am, can only drive with parent/guardian + one addition passenger
What are the 3 exceptions for driving past the hours allowed with a probationary license and describe how you would verify them?
Medical emergency or proof of employment and/or religious reasons from employer or religious official on official letterhead of the business, organization or religious institution, with the signature of the certifying official and his/ her name, title, address, and phone number
What percentage of questions do you need to get right on the written test?
80% or 40/50 questions
How long do you need to wait before you can take the written test over again if you fail?
1 week
How do you prove your identity to MVC?
Provide 6 points of ID Verification by presenting documents that prove their age and identity. These documents include: at least one primary document, at least one secondary document, at least six points of ID, Proof of New Jersey residential address
What 6 things are required the day of the road test?
6 points of ID, validated permit (not laminated), valid inspection sticker on vehicle or official “No Inspection Sticker Required” card, valid registration card and valid insurance ID card, 2 red GDL decals, properly mounted, a vehicle with unobstructed access to the foot brake or to the parking brake in a position accessible to the examiner, and an accompanying licensed diver
What items may an examiner ask you to perform during the road test?
Driving in reverse, following other vehicles, nearing corners, intersections, parking (parallel), sitting properly (seat belt use), starting a vehicle, steering properly, stopping at signs, stopping smoothly, turning, turning around, and using the horn
What are 4 reasons for vehicle rejection when taking the road test?
Improper, expired or no inspection sticker, lack of examiner access to foot brake or parking brake, any defect or condition that affects the safe operation of the test vehicle, and driving performance
If you fail the road test how long must you wait before going again?
2 weeks
After several failures you must wait _________ months before retaking the road test.
6 months