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William McKinley
- Republican nominee for the election of 1896 - 25th president of the US - Known for his support of a high protective tariff - Also considered a friend of labor - Well liked, well traveled president - Leader during the war with Spain in 1898 - Helped make the US a world power
Gold Standard
- The coinage of gold only - Since gold is limited, this limited the amount of money in circulation
JP Morgan
- American Banker - Invested European money into American businesses - Took over poorly run companies and helped them get back on their feet - Took over the bankrupt railroad companies - This technique eliminated competition, stabilized the rates, and reduced debts - Bought Carnegieā€™s Steel and Iron holdings
Jacob Riis
- American writer - Wrote a series of articles that was published into a book (How the Other Half Lives) - Wrote about tenement life in these articles
Lincoln Steffens
- American writer - Most known for Tweed Days in St. Louis, which was a series of muckraking articles published into a book - These articles were about the corruption and cruelty of urban politics - One of the articles, The Shame of St. Louis, is considered one of the first muckraking articles
Ida Tarbell
- American writer - Most known for The History of the Standard Oil Company, which was a series of muckraking articles that got published into a book - In these articles, she revealed how John D. Rockefeller used illegal means to monopolize the early oil industry
Jane Addams
- Social worker - Created the Hull House in Chicago - The Hull House was a settlement house - These settlement houses housed immigrants, taught them English, and provided other social services
Upton Sinclair
- American author and journalist - Wrote the novel called The Jungle - The novel goes in explicit detail about the awful conditions of the meat packing industry
Northern Securities
- A railroad trust formed by J.P. Morgan, E. H. Harriman, James J. Hill, and their associates - Formed in 1901 - They controlled the Northern Pacific Railway, Great Northern Railway, Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad, etc. - Company was sued in 1902 by the Justice Department under President Theodore Roosevelt under the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 - Government won the case and the company was dissolved
Anthracite Coal Strike
Pure Food and Drug Act
Meat Inspection Act
Food and Drug Administration
Hepburn Act
Antiquities Act
Gifford Pinchot
John Muir
Hay-Herran Treaty
Panama Canal
William Gorgas
Walter Reed
Trust Busting
Standard Oil
American Tobacco Co.
American Telephone and Telegraph
William Howard Taft
US Steel
Big Stick Diplomacy
Dollar Diplomacy
Ballinger Pinchot Affair
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
Bull Moose Party
Woodrow Wilson
New Freedom
New Nationalism
Underwood Tariff
Federal Reserve Act
Louis Brandeis (brief)
Muller V Oregon
Henry Ford
Model T