100 Most Common Spanish Verbs

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100 Terms
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to be
to be (PLACE)
to have
to do, to make
to be able to, can
to say, to tell
to go
to see
to give
to know (information)
to want, love
to arrive
to pass, to happen, to spend time
to have to/should
to put
to appear, seem, look like
to stay, remain
to believe
to speak, talk
to leave; to let
to follow, chase, persue
to find
to call, to name
to leave, go out
to return, go back
to take, drink
to know (people, places)
to live
to feel, regret
to treat or to try
to watch, look at
to count, relate, tell
to begin, start
to hope
to search for, look for
to exist
to enter, go in, come in
to work
to write
to lose
to produce
to occur, happen
to understand
to request, ask for
to receive, to welcome, greet
to remember, remind
to finish (an activity), end
to permit, allow
to show up, appear
to get; to achieve, obtain (a result);
to begin, start, commence
to serve
to take out, remove
to need, require
to maintain, confirm
to turn out to be, become
to read
to fall
to change
to introduce
to create, to make
to open
to consider
to hear
to finish, end
to convert, change
to win, gain, earn, get, acquire
to form, shape, fashion, make
to bring, to get, fetch, to carry
to leave, depart; to divide
to die
to accept, approve, to agree to
to realize, achieve, attain, accomplish
to suppose
to understand, comprehend
to manage, get; to achieve
to explain
to ask, inquire
to touch, to play (an instrument)
to recognize
to study
to reach, catch up
to be born
to direct
to run
to use, utilize
to pay, pay for
to help
to please, be pleasing
to play (a game or sport)
to listen to, hear
to fulfil, carry out
to offer
to discover
to raise, to lift
to try, attempt
to use