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Mr. White
-grabs the paw from the fire -makes the first wish; forced to make the second -makes the third wish to protect his wife from seeing the “mangled” zombie version of their son
Mrs. White
-her idea to make the second wish (to bring H back) -desperate to see her son again despite his form
-Mrs. & Mr. White’s son -works at a factory -dies tragically by getting caught in the machinery
Sergeant Major-Morris
-friend of Mr. White -came upon the monkey’s paw in India -warns of the horrors associated with the paw -throws paw on the fire -tells Mr. White to be “sensible” about his wishes
-a holy man -put the spell on the paw -wanted to show that fate rules people’s lives and those who try to interfere will be punished
monkey paw
-has magic abilities (can grant wishes) -mummified, moves when used to make a wish -must be held in the right hand
What were the 3 wishes the Whites made?
Wishing for 200 pounds Wishing for Herbert alive again Wishing for Herbert to be gone
Maw and Meggins
-the firm that delivers the bad news about Herbert -compensate the White’s for their loss (200 pounds)
fusillade A perfect fusillade of knocks reverberated through the house.
a series of loud noises
grimace Mrs. White drew back with a grimace
a facial expression of pain or disgust
peril putting his king into such sharp and unnecessary perils
simian The last face was so horrible and so simian that he gazed at it in amazement.
talisman The talisman was in its place…
an object thought to have magical powers
occurs when a writer provides HINTS about what is to come in the story
Examples of foreshadowing
-When Mr. White sees a simian face in the fire after making his wish -When Herbert says he will likely never see the 200 pounds -Srgt. Major Morris warns them of the dangers of the paw -Setting: stormy evening, wind howling