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Large groups of people that share a common language, history, religion, and culture
A society in which men hold the power and women are excluded form it
Monumental Architecture
Frivillous or extravagent pieces of construction meant to show an entity (such as a country or empire's) wealth.
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Political states that acquire enough resources to conquer other groups
Tributary System
Where children of a different ethnicity would be taken at a young age and raised in a different country so they would have loyalty to that country instead of their home. This would, in turn, prevent revolutions because parents wouldn't want to start a war against a country their child was in.
Kowtow System
A custom in which foreign leaders of a different country would show submission to other leaders by bowing at their feet.
Diasphoric Communities
Small clusters of certain minority groups found in concentrated areas.
Filial Piety
The Confucianistic principle of being extremely loyal to one's family/elders.
Foot Binding
The Chinese social practice of shattering 6 month old children's (usually girls') feet and binding them to make them look a certain way.
Beautiful women sent to be the emperor's prostitutes in hopes of having the best son
A specific kind of architecture/building found in Chinese Buddhist temples
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The one true head of the Muslim church
A tax non-Muslims paid to live peacefully in the Abbasid Caliphate
Five Pillars of Islam
The principles the religion of Islam is built on; faith, prayer, fasting, pilgrimage, and Alms
Roadside inns in the desert spaced a day's journey apart; Camel motels
tall slender towers on the side of mosques used to call Muslims to prayer
mystical Muslim group that believed they could be closer to Allah via a simple life and minimalism.
the mixing of religions/languages to create a new one
The ship Zheng He used; Chinese innovation that was larger and used for extensove ocean voyages
Arabic ship that used a lateen sail (triangular sail); was smaller and commonly found in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean
Substinence Farming
Only growing enough food for survival; not growing food for profit. Also what limited Europe's economic development during the Dark Ages
Chinese Exports
Silk, porcelain, and iron
Chinese Innovations
Astrolabe, compass, fireworks/gunpowder, Junks
Mandate of Heaven
The belief that the sun, moon, stars, etc. gave emperors the right to reign and what made things go well. If something bad happened, the emperor lost the Mandate of Heaven.
Middle Eastern Innovations
Algebra, trigonometry, universities/college, and coffee!!
South Asia's luxury goods
Spices and textiles
The nonmissionary religion that had the closest ties to the caste system
the social practice of burning widows
The region of Africa that was mostly desert, exported more gold, and had one central empire.
West Africa
The region of Africa that had a tropical climate, exported lumber, ivory, and enslaved people, and was mostly city-states.
East Africa
East Africa was somewhat less patriarchical than other empires because... many men became enslaved that women had to have more roles in society.
The syncretic language of East Africa