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What are the first 5 books of the bible and a short definition?

  1. Genesis - means beginning 2) Exodus - means exit/leave 3) Leviticus - priestly laws from the tribe Levi 4) Numbers - census; there was a census taken at the beginning of Exodus and then 40 years later) 4) Deuteronomy - means 2nd law

During the Protestant Reformation, Protestants believed that only what was in the original Hebrew Bible should be included. Any additional books shouldn't be added.  Martin Luther, when he broke from the Catholic Church, revised the Bible to align it with the Hebrew Scriptures.

List the forms and fillings from 1st creation story

Priestly account

  1. One God

  2. God planned creation

  3. God created order and goodness

  4. God created man and woman in his image

  5. God made humans stewards (caretakers) of the earth

  6. God blessed the Sabbath and made it holy

God first plants, trees, bushes, plants

God fashions man out of clay and breathes his breath (ruah) into man’s nostrils

Created the animals for companionship for Adam and told Adam to name them (naming them shows ownership and relationship)

God created woman from Adam's rib bone

Adam and Eve disobey God (original sin)

Adam and Eve suffer the consequences of their choice(kicked out of garden)

God says to the snake, "You will strike at her heel while she will strike at your head." This is known as the Protoevangelium (the first gospel) Signifying Mary as the New Eve

Cain and Abel (the first murder) - Cain got jealous because he thought God loved Abel more so he killed his brother then lied to God about how he killed him. God sent Cain away, but promised he wouldn't get killed by predators

Adam and Eve have Seth (the 3rd son)

symbolic story that illustrates views of a particular people regarding the relationship between humans and the divine; not scientific, but rather universal; transcends (goes beyond) culture and experience; provide answers for the deeper questions about life

Yahwist-J-up to to 950 BC

Elohist-E-up to 850 BC

Deuteronomic-D-up to 650 BC

Priestly-P-up to 550 BC

2nd creation story

Author replaced God with "Yahweh" (YHWH), out of respect, Jews replaced it with "Adonai" which means "Lord"

uses anthropomorphism

portrays a more immanent God

Author is believed to have lived during 10th century BC

Author often used "Elohim",

thought to be written by the northern kingdoms in the 9th century BC

portrays God speaking to humans indirectly through angels or dreams

God must be held in highest respect and faithfulness

Means 2nd law

Author encourages people to follow laws not only out of duty but out of love

following laws=success, not following laws=failure

largely involves the covenant between the Israelites and God

Authors were most likely a school of priests looking to unify the people

great emphasis placed on Order (creation in 7 days, genealogies etc)

portrays a more transcendent God

When were the Hebrew Scriptures written?


How many categories are in Hebrew Scriptures, what are they

3, Torah (meaning laws/first 5 books of Hebrew Scripts), the Prophets, and the Writings

greek translation of Hebrew bible, refers to the seven “apocryphal” books that were written in Greek

greek to latin translation of the bible (translated by St. Jerome); meaning to be spread or divulged/pass on by the people

Chapters 1-11; primeval (oral) history was passed on by word of mouth and storytelling, 2000BC-1500BC

bible; greek (book of books)

What type of literary forms are found in the bible

poetry, biography, genealogies, history, parables

What did original sin cause breakness between

humans vs human/nature/god

______is a manifestation of God to humankind usually in nature such as wind and fire


Examples of theophany in Old Testament

the burning bush, the pillar of fire, the Great Theophany on Mt. Sinai, the ratification of the covenant with Abraham

What was the greatest consequence of The Fall


What is the most important book of the Torah


When does the book of Exodus begin (estimation)

about 400 years after the book of Genesis, between 1290bc-1224bc

What name means drawn from water


What name means laughter


What 3 sources wove together during Exodus

Priestly, Elohist, and Yahwist

What are the ten plagues

water turning to blood




livestock pestilence





killing of firstborn children

What was the specific pattern that took place with each plague

God commands, Moses obeys, Pharaoh disobeys

Explain the Passover

This special mean gets its name from the events of the last plague, called the Passover meal because the Lord passed over the homes of those who put lambs blood on their doorpost; main things eaten at the meal: roasted flesh of the lamb; unleavened bread; bitter herbs.

What was the realistic # of Israelites who escaped Egypt


What was Red Sea a mistranslation of

Sea of Reeds

What people would you first encounter in Genesis

Abraham, Joseph, Pharaoh, Rebekah, Noah, Isaac, Jacob, Potiphar

What people would you first encounter in Exodus

Aaron, Miriam, Moses

What people would you first encounter in Numbers


Who are the twins of Genesis

Jacob and Esau

Jacob deceived ______ to get _______ blessing

Isaac, Esau’s

Jacob was deceived by Laban when he worked for him for _________ so he could marry ____ but then he was given _____ instead

7 years, Rachel, Leah

Name the 12 sons of Israel

Leah (6): Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun

Leah’s maid, Zilpah (2): Gad, Asher

Rachel (2): Joseph, Benjamin

Rachel’s maid, Bilhah (2): Dan, Naphtali

_________ was the father of Isaac


Esau and Jacob were the _________of Abraham.


Abraham’s nephew was ______


_______ is the sister of Moses and Aaron


Who was Gershom

Son of Moses

_____________was the mother of Jacob.


Jacob’s youngest son was _________


What is The Shema

greatest of all 612 laws of the Jewish people; written on a scroll and placed in a container called a mezuzah, which was placed on the doorposts of every devout Jew;

“Hear O Israel! The Lord is God, the Lord alone. You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength.”

What is a Mezuzah

the container in which the Shema is kept and then placed on doorposts

When was the Decalogue (10 Commandments) first given

Book of Exodus

What is a covenant

sacred agreements made between God and humankind

What was the sign of the covenant between God and Abraham? Noah? Moses?

Abraham: circumcision

Noah: rainbow

Moses: Decalogue

The first ____ Ten Commandments have to do with our personal relationship with God. The other _______ commandments have to do with us and our relationship with others.

3, 7

Know the 10 commandments/what they protect

  1. You shall have no other Gods before me

  2. You shall not use the Lord’s name in vain

  3. Keep holy the Sabbath

  4. Honor your mother and father - protects basic unit of society

  5. You shall not kill - protects life

  6. Thou shall not commit adultery - protects holiness of marriage

  7. You shall not steal - protects the right to own things

  8. You shall not bear false witness (lie) against your neighbor - protects the value of truth

      1. You shall not covet your neighbors spouse/goods - forbids you from wanting something up to a point of jealousy

What was St. Augustine’s quote

"You have created us for yourself O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you."

The mystery of the Holy Trinity is the ________ mystery of the Christian faith


God created us to share in the communion between the ____ and the in their Spirit of ___.

Father, Son, love

The church is both ____ and ________

human, divine

Who are men and women the Church recognizes for their heroic virtue


What is the crown of Gods creation


By Mary’s Fiat (yes) and her obedience, she became the new what

New Eve

Was God always identified as God of Love

No, rather as God of Violence and Revenge

God is different from pagan Gods in what way

doesnt want human sacrifice

seven responses that are sung or recited to introduce the Magnificat the octave before Christmas

O Wisdom

O Lord

O Root of Jesse

O Key of David

O Rising Sun

O King of the Nations

O Emmanuel (God with Us)

What are the colors of the advent wreath

Violet-royalty, repentance, and fasting (First, Second, and Fourth Week of Advent) Rose-abundant joy (Third Week of Advent, known as Gaudete Sunday, joy in Latin) White-light and purity (Christ Candle, center candle completes the season and begins Christmas)

Where does evil come from

allowing bad things to get in the way of our relationship with God