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The smallest unit of election administration
Political party
A group of people joined together on the basis of common principles, who seek to control the government and public policy
Pluralistic society
Consisting of several distinct cultures and groups
Major parties
The dominant political parties in the United States
Split-Ticket voting
Casting ballots for candidates from different parties for different offices in the same election
In the U.S., a political party is made up of a group of people who
Work to get candidates elected to political offices
Short lived
Most single issue parties have been
The national chairperson of a major political party
Manages the party’s headquarters
People belong to a particular political party
Voluntarily because they made a personal choice
Which of the following statements about federalists is true?
A strong central government was of great concern to them
Which of the following is not a major function of either of the two major political parties in the US?
To unite people and concentrates solely on one public policy matter
Over time the ideas first developed by minor parties are often ______ by minor parties
Which of the following is not one of the three main elements of the major parties in terms of the roles of their members
The party media organization
Membership in either of the two parties is
Based on personal choice
The two party system developed in the US mainly because
Conflicts about the constitution created opposing viewpoints
Minor parties contributed most to the US politics by
Causing major parties to adopt their ideas
Which factor does not add to the decentralization of both major parties
The president head one of the major parties
Which of the following in a sign of weakened political parties
Split-ticket voting
The functions of the major parties in the US politics include
Nominating candidates for office, insuring the good performance of their elected candidates, providing a mechanism for the conduct of government (ALL OF THE ABOVE)
A one-party system
Exists in nearly all dictatorships today
Which of the following groups has tended to support the Democratic Party in recent decades?
Union members
The two major parties have members who take all of the following roles EXCEPT
Party independents
An increasing number of Americans today
Identify with neither political party
Which of the following do political parties and the news media have in common?
Both try to inform, inspire, and activate the people with regard to public affairs
Both major parties try to
Appeal as many voters as possible
When trying to predict how an individual Will vote, the one factor that is an accurate indicator more often than any other is
During the era of the democrats that lasted from 2800 to 1860 it can be assumed that most Americans favored
A government that favored the common people
Beginning with the civil war, ____ shifted their support to the republican party
Had Theodore Roosevelt’s not run for president in the election of 1912 it is likely that
The republicans would have won the election
Which of the following did not contribute to a shift in power from the democrats to the republicans over the course of the nations history?
Divided government
If inflation is low, job are plentiful, and the republicans and democrats each enjoy strong support, which type of minor party would be least likely to attract voters?
Single- issue or economic protest parties
A major party might support a minor party candidate or president if
The minor party is likely to draw votes from the opposition
It can be argued that political parties are at their weakest
When they cannot agree on who to nominate as their candidate
Recent laws regulating how political parties fund campaigns have contributed to
The weakening of the party system