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Anne Frank
Her diary captured the hearts of the world, received it for her 13th birthday
Why does Anne name her diary Kitty?
She wants the diary to be her friend.
control of an area by military forces
How were Jews made to suffer after Germany invaded Holland?
They had to wear a yellow star, give up their bicycles, banned from trams, only allowed to shop at certain times and in Jewish shops, could not go to public sports, had to attend Jewish schools
Who in Anne's life died shortly before Anne began her diary, and how did that affect Anne?
Anne's granny died, and she missed her very much.
What does Anne think about boys?
She likes them, likes to flirt, and likes to get attention from them
How does Anne's world "turn upside down" on July 5, 1942?
Her family had to go into hiding
What do Anne and her father do immediately to bring order to their new world?
They start getting things in order in the Secret Annexe.
What are 3 important events from Section 1?
Her 13th birthday where she received her diary, going into hiding, life in the Secret Annexe with the Van Daans.
unnecessary, needless
A person with extreme enthusiasm, as in religion or politics
concentration camps
A guarded compound for the detention and imprisonment of Jews.
Anne's essay topic
about a duck family; chatterbox; too much talking
first family member to be called up
What unexpected visitor do the Franks hear?
construction worker
8th person to join them in the Annex
Dr. Dussel, the dentist
how the Jewish people who did not go into hiding were treated
Jewish people are forced to wear yellow stars, rounded up and sent to labour camps (Heads shaved, gassed, starving)
Anne's father's nickname
thieves in the attic
eat greedily
feelings of depression; gloomy state of mind
stubbornly adhering to an opinion or a course of action
Positive state of mind
dark or gloomy
of little value or importance
kept secret or done secretly
confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline of a person
Why do the Franks go into hiding earlier than planned?
The Jews are being persecuted and the Nazis have come to Amsterdam Margot was called up to a work camp
Why is Anne no longer considered a German?
Hitler stripped all Jews of their German citizenship
Anne's relationship with her mother
feels she is not really maternal; critical of he; feels she picks on her
Anne's relationship with her father
She adores him and is jealous when he gives attention to Margot
What item do the annex members receive as an extra for Christmas?
¼ pound of butter
Why are the Dutch(non-Jews)people also afraid this time?
They are afraid of their sons being sent off to war
Who are Mouschi and Boche?