Genesis 21-50 Test 2 - Characters

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son of Gideon; takes over kingdom; kills siblings so that they don't inherit the throne, defied by Abraham and Isaac and Rebekah + Sarah for Abraham claiming Sarah was his sister
Abraham's servant
Named Eliezer, does some favors/errands for Abraham, brough Rebekah/wife back for Isaac
Isaac's wife, mother of Jacob & Esau, daughter of Bethuel, offers her water and to water their camels to Abraham's servant
Rebekah's brother, Son of Bethuel, greedy and selfish, Jacob worked for him for his daughters' marriage
Name meaning House of God, Nahor's descendant, brother of Kemuel, Father of Laban and Rebekah
Isaac and Rebekah's oldest son, Jacob's brother, "rough" character traits
Isaac and Rebekah's son, Took Esau's right as firstborn, simple man
Jacob's new name given by God showing his new life and the covenant now with God on his side,
Jacob's wife, oldest daughter of Laban, Rachel's sister, has a maidservant named Zilpah
Jacob's love and wife, he served time with Laban to be with her, has a maidservant named Bilhah, beautiful
Rachel's maidservant, mother of Dan and Naphtali- sons for Jacob/Rachel
Leah's maidservant, mother of Gad and Asher, sons for Jacob/Leah
Leah's youngest child, only daughter, abducted and raped by Shechem, although he was in love with her, defensive and violent brothers
Shechem (the person)
Hamor's son, in love and raped Dinah, wanted to intermarry with Jacob's family, killed by Simeon and Levi (Dinah's brothers)
Leah's oldest son, defended Joseph among brothers, vowed to protect Benjamin on 2nd journey to Egypt
Righteous brother, Leah's son, defended Joseph among brothers, wanted to protect Benjamin by offering to be enslaved instead of him—also to protect Jacob's feelings
Er's wife, then widow, disguised herself as a prostitute to continue the family line by having a child with Judah
Er, Onan, Shelah
Judah's sons (oldest to youngest), Er and Onan died from disobeying God, Shelah was 'protected' from marrying Tamar by Judah
Rachel's oldest son, Jacob's favorite son, has 2 sons (tribes): Manasseh and Ephraim, very close with God and through him became next to Egypt's Pharoh
Joseph's only full brother, Rachel's son, youngest, protected/held back when brothers went to Egypt until Joseph requested his arrival
Pharoh's servant and chief steward of Egypt, Bought Joseph as a slavve, put full trust and power into Joseph
Potiphar's Wife
Tried to lay with Joseph, lied and put Joseph in prison, accusing him of attempted rape
Chief Jailer
Favored Joseph and put him in charge of all prisoners, trusted him because of his closeness with God
Chief Cupbearer
Jailed with Joseph and had Joseph successfully interpret his dreams, where he was restored to cupbearer from vine dream and forgot Joseph for 2 years until Pharoh's dream
Chief Baker
Jailed with Joseph and had Joseph successfully interpret his dreams, where he was impaled and eaten by birds
Pharaoh (in the Joseph cycle)
Needed someone to interpret his dreams, put Joseph in charge of Egypt during the abundance and soon famine
Joseph's son, oldest, was surpassed by youngest, part of 12 tribes, blessed by Jacob
Joseph's son, youngest, surpassed Manasseh, part of 12 tribes, blessed by Jacob