Dual Gov Exam 3

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Top down:
From the government
Bottom up:
From the grassroots
What is public policy:
Laws, rules, regulations, ordinances formulated by the government
Special interest:
Groups that who wish to affect the government
Who has authority over for:
The state governments
Libertarians argue for government's role in civil liberties:
A formal expression of a citizen's wishes or choice on a proposal or candidate
An entitlement or a justified claim as a member of a society/community
The agency to resist government interference to citizens entitlement
Political rights:
An entitled claim to take part in the electoral
Who has the constitutional responsibility of access:
The government
Conservatives argue for state governments' role in morality:
Describe Texas political culture:
Limited government and strong local government
What is Access to polls:
The conditions necessary to exercise voting OR The ability and protections to enjoy suffrage
Government out of economy and social issues but state in morality
Government in economy and social issues but out of morality
Government out of most sector of policy issue
Government as active in most policy areas
Candidate must receive more votes than all opponents combined, 50 + 1
Candidate just needs to receive most votes to win
From the historical context of the United States:
It takes citizens to fight for the right of suffrage
Attempt of politicians to manipulate the news stories
Generalized views of a selected and random interviewed population
Linkage institution:
Provides a connection between ordinary citizens and elected officials
Principles that lead to policy innovation and their consequences
Factors that teach us principles and attitudes
Something of value people share and affected by government activity
Public goods:
Goods and services provided by the government
What is republicanism:
Indirectly rule through representatives
A poll is:
Where you cast your bullet or vote
Why can a citizen of 18 years-old vote:
Because they are old enough to go to war
Experiential Relevance agents:
Family, peers, church
Emotive agents:
Media, music, art
Logic and empirical agents:
Academia, schools, thi...
What did the desegregation policies to the Truman and Johnson administrations do:
Shifted the South to republicans
Organized electoral organizations that seek to gain office and exercise political power:
Political parties
How is the electoral college calculated:
The number of representatives plus senators
Why is voting and access relevant:
Second generation suppression versus electoral safeguarding
At review:
Evaluation of the outputs and...
At the agenda setting:
Scheduled discourses on the policy and support is mobilzed
At the Policy adoption/legitimization:
Compromises with stakeholder...
At the formulate policy:
The solutions to the issue and options are presented
What the required conditions for Access:
Accessible location, sufficient education, registraion
Amendment 15:
To all men regardless of race or...
Amendment 17:
To the general selection of Senators by the people
Amendment 19:
To all people regardless of sex
Amendment 26:
To all adults 18 years and above
An external provision gives the citizens in a republic the ability to keep checks in government:
Liberals want government in solving complex social issues: