Frases de duda y certeza

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dudar que
to doubt that
es dudoso que
it's doubtful that
es improbable que
it's unlikely that
es posible que
it's possible that
no creer que
to not believe that
no es cierto que
it's not true(certain) that
no estar seguro
to not be sure that
no parecer que
to not appear that
no pensar que
to not think that
negar que
to deny that
no es verdad que
it's not true that
no dudo que
to not doubt that
estar seguro de que
to be sure that
creer que
to believe that
no negar que
to not deny that
es verdad que
it's true that
es cierto que
it's true(certain) that
saber que
to know that
no estar seguro de que
to not be sure that
es probable que
it's probable that
es imposible que
it's impossible that
es evidente que
It's evident that...