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What are the 3 types of communication?
Verbal, non-verbal and media
Only 7% of communication is ???communication.
What does non-verbal communication consist of?
Body language, facial expressions, appearance, volume, pitch, temp and cadence
What does verbal communication consist of?
Talking, brail, sign language and writing
What type of communication uses technology and tolls to convey information?
A communication block that occurs when clinician assumes the pt knows what the clinician is thinking...
Ineffective communication
What can cause a lack in the patients trust in dental care and cause pt. to misunderstand information?
Ineffective communication
The most patient complaints stem from ?????
Ineffective communication
Where we as the clinician convey empathy, interest, recognize pt. needs, listen carefully and use understandable language....
Effective communication
True/False? Writing for a patient who has a hard time hearing is an example of effective communication.
What are some reasons why people interpret information differently from others?
Life experiences, beliefs, gender, and physical limitations
What percent of communication is body language?
What percent of communication is verbal?
What percent of communication is tone of voice?
How many seconds does it take to be judged on educational background, likability, and level of success?
60 seconds
After how many minutes are we judged on reliability, intelligence, and friendliness?
5 minutes
What is it important to convey in order to leave a good first impression?
Confidence and professionalism
The study of distance/personal space that can be influenced by environmental and cultural factors?
Proxemics in communication
What is the body space for the intimate zone?
1-18 inches
What is the body space for the personal zone?
1.5-4 feet
What is the body space for the social zone?
4-12 feet
What is the body space for the public zone?
Greater than 12 feet
North America, Northern Europeans and Asians fall into the (low or high) contact category?
Mediterrians, Arabs and Latinos fall into the (low or high) contact category?
What should we do before even placing our hand on a patients shoulder?
Consider recor of the pt. and ensure you can touch them
What are some reasons one may be scared of dental care?
Anticipated pain, previous experiences, and fear of the unknown
The helping relationship is one that is established for the ......
benefit of the patient
The helping relationship helps the pt. ??? and ??? optimal health.
achieve and maintain
Who is the consumer of dental care?
The patient
Systemic and accurate assessments of oral health, to be informed clearly, have all questions answered by one who is reliable and knowledgeable, and respected confidentiality, quality care and consent are all things ???? expect when receiving dental care.
What are the two types of care?
Paternalistic and patient-centered care
Belief that health decisions are best left in the hands of those providing health care...
Assumes that there are 2 experts; the health care providers and the patient...
Patient care
Traditional or PC care? Patient is quiet/passive
Traditional or PC care? Care is quality of life centered
PC care
Traditional or PC care? Patient may or may not adhere to the treatment plan
Traditional or PC care? Patient is more likely to adhere to treatment plan
PC care
Traditional or PC care? Patient is the recipient of treatment
What are the 2 types of tasks?
Therapeutic and Communication tasks
Which task contains the 2 F's and what are they?
Therapeutic; fixing the problem and finding the problem
Fixing the problem...
Finding the problem...
What tasks contains the E4 model and what are the 4 E's?
Communication tasks; engagement, empathy, education and enlistment
Establishes an interpersonal connection between the patient and clinician:
Hygienist’s understanding of and concern about the patient’s thoughts and feelings:
Delivers information to the learns something:
Invites the patient to actively participate in decision making and acknowledges that the patient controls much of what can happen in their dental care treatment plan:
A person centered counseling with open questions and answer discussions that promotes healthy behavioral changes related to things like drug addiction, tabacco use, oral hygiene, diet, medication and weight/diabetes management...
Motivational Interviewing
Motivational interviewing emphasizes the ??? between the clinician and the pt.
Motivational interviewing communicates ??? to the pt.
Motivational interviewing ??? the patients experience and wisdom.
What is the 3 step process to achieve the goal of creating a partnership between the pt and clinician?
What step in the E-P-E process does this quote fall into? "So what have you heard or been told about gum disease?"
What step in the E-P-E process does this quote fall into? "Research indicates that..." or "some of my patients tell me that a water irrigator is easier to use than dental floss"
What step in the E-P-E process does this quote fall into? "What questions do you have?"
Medical/dental terminology, reading ability, communication barriers and age barriers are all examples of what?
Communication roadblocks
In what year did the US reach the all time high of foreign borns? How many were there?
2010; 40 million
What percent of the US population is foreign-born?
What group is the largest minority group in the US?
What percent of Hispanics are native born?
What percent of Hispanics are foreign born?
When dealing with a young child, it is important to:
Introduce yourself, describe procedures, give praise after procedures and be aware of their concerns and needs
When dealing with an adolescent, it is important to:
Respect their independence, speak in a friendly manner, and understand their reluctance to be honest in front of the parent
When dealing with an older adult, it is important to:
Reduce background noise, use casual topics to begin convo, allow extra time for responses, take the time to explain all info, and speak plainly to ensure the pt. is understanding
What does the word "vital" mean?
Necessary for life
What are the 4 vitals?
Body temp, pulse, respirations and blood pressure
Degree of body heat...
Measurement of heart rate in beats per min...
Measurement of breaths per minute...
Measurement of force against walls of blood vessels as blood flows through them...
Blood pressure
When taking the temp with an automated device, what should you do you get an abnormal reading?
Use a traditional fluid filled to verify
Any reading over 99.5F or 37.5C:
A temp that indicates a medical emergency is:
105.8F (41C)
A temp that indicates an active disease:
101F (38.3C)
What is the normal adult temperature?
96.0 to 99.6
What is the normal oral temperature?
98.6 or 37C
What is the normal adult pulse?
60-100 BPM
True/False: Women's pulse tend to run slightly higher than men
Greater than 100BPM
Less than 50BPM
Stims, loud emotions, and exercise can ??? the pulse.
Quiet emotions, sleep, illness and fasting can ??? the pulse.
What is the normal respiration rate?
14 to 20 breaths per min
In a child, where would you watch to count the respirations?
In the abdomen
How many quarts of blood push against the vessel walls with each heart beat?
6 quarts
What is the normal BP reading?
Less than 120/80
Pressure against the vessel walls when the heart beats:
Pressure between the heart beat when the heart relaxes:
Information from opinions, perceptions, and experiences:
Information observed through hearing, sight, smell and touch:
What is HIPPA?
Health Insurance and Accountability Act
Why are medical alerts written in red?
To bring attention and proceed with caution
What are some examples of medical alerts?
Latex allergy, premed, high blood pressure, asthma and diabetes
When should medical history be updated?
Every 3 years
2g =
Which ASA category? Normal healthy pt
Which ASA category? Mild systemic disease or pregnant
Which ASA category? Severe systemic disease
Which ASA category? Disease constant threat to life
Which ASA category? A moribund patient, not expected to survive 24 hours
What do patient health records serve as between the members and health team themselves?
Means of communication
What should be recorded promptly, uses clear-consise info/subjective date-NO OPINIONS, and be dated & signed by the clinician?
Patient record entries
All information collected during the initial examination and during all patient appointments is an official part of the....
permanent record
What includes informed consent forms; radiographs; study casts; photographs; copies of correspondence with dental specialists or medical practitioners?
Additional components
To meet the DH standard of care, what must all records include?
assessments, the dental hygiene diagnosis, dental hygiene care plan and what you do to implement the plan
True/False: Handwritten records must be written in ink
If a entry is recorded late, what must we do?
Make sure the new information follows the most recent entry in the patient record; is noted as a late entry; and includes the date and time that the late entry was made
What type of record can be accessed anywhere within the system by an authorized personale?
Electronic records
When did HIPPA take effect for dental offices in the US?
April 14th, 2003
What are the 3 sets of rules associated with HIPPA?
Privacy, confidentiality and security
(.....) refers to a patient’s right to keep health information private and control who can access it
(....) refers to the responsibility that healthcare providers have to protect patients’ confidential health information
(.....) refers to policies, procedures, and tools used to keep individually identifiable patient information private
What are some components of the dental record?
Intraoral and extraoral documentation, dental charting, perio charting, deposit charting, occulsion, radiographic findings, DH treatment plan, and the record of treatment