Unit 2 Populations

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Physiological Density
If two countries have different sizes, but same population what can we conclude?
Stage 2
Rapidly declining CDR is found in what stage of DTM
Developing countries has higher population clusters
how do Urban and Rural populations concentration differ in the devolved and developing world
What the best long term method of reducing a country CBR
little arable land
If a country has a high physiological density but a low arithmetic density what can we conclude about that country.
Rapidly declining death rates
What happed to global population growth during the Industrialized Revolution
average number of children a woman has in her child bearing years(15-49)
What is the total fertility rate a measure of
more people working, religious reasons
Why does Africa have a low rate of contraption use
total number of live births for every 1,000 people
What is CBR a measure of
no long term natural increase rate
How are stage 1 and stage 4 of the DTM alike
Doubling time
the time it would take for a population to double at the current rate
Industrialization ,Wealth, Medical care
What are some factors that contribute to the slowing of a country birth rate
Natural Increase Rate
What statistic is needed in order to calculate doubling time
The human population will outlast their resources
What was Thomas Malthus main conclusion
central african republic
Globally where is the average life expectancy the lowest
Over the last half century food production increased faster than population growth
Why have Thomas Malthus theroy proven incorrect
More free labor, religious reasons
Why do an induvial family continued to have more children despite government efforts to curb population in India.
China and India
What are the world most populous countries
total deaths before the first year per l,000 live births
What is infant mortality rate and how is it calculated
The cholera case were caused by contaminated water
What did Dr. John Snow conclude about London cholera cases
What is the populous country south of the Philippines
fewer old people
Why is CDR generally lower for less developed country
The constitution said so
why does the US holds a census every 10 years
fewer old people
Why does Costa Rica have a lower CDR than America
Developed countries have more cites
How does Urban and rural concentration differ in developed and developing countries
the numbers of people might be more than the available essential materials for survival such as transport, water, shelter, food or social amenities.
What is a characteristic of a country that is overpopulated
births / deaths
What is the equation for calculating NIR
inhabited land
making old people work longer, making woman work
How is Japan dealing with economic culture related to a aging population
Size of country and size of population
What does a population cartogram depict
number of people that needs to be cared for compared to number of people in productive years (0-14 and 65 up)
What is dependency ratio and how is it calculated
Denver, Colorado
Relativity few people live at high elevations what are the exceptions
Upside down pyramid
What do most European population maps look like
industrial revolution
What contributes to a slowing birth rate
East Asia
What are the world largest clusters of human populations
More of the population is older, everyone having less babies
Why would a population pyramid appears to be upside down
What is needed to calculate doubling time
the number of persons per unit of agricultural land
What is the physiological density a measure of
arable land
What is land suitable for agricultural called
Stage 2
Which stage of the DTM has the highest NIR
Increase population
How can a country increase it physiological density
Stage 1
Which stage of the DTM has the highest CDR