AP Lang Vocab Lessons 5-6

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apocalypse (noun)
-a prophetic (predicting what will happen in the future) revelation, disclosure, or discovery -the complete final destruction of the world, as described in the biblical book of Revelation
inimical (adjective)
unfriendly, hostile, harmful in effect (can be used when health is concerned, a poor diet, smoking etc)
Vagary (noun)
an unpredictable action or notion/idea
austere (adjective)
-stern; unadorned; forbidding in manner or appearance
parochial (adjective)
confined or restricted as if within the border of a parish (religion)
demagogue (noun)
a leader who makes false promises to gain power
truckle (verb)
to submit, to yield obsequiously, or to act in a subservient (prepared to obey others unquestioningly) manner
torpor (noun)
activity/state that is lacking in energy, sluggish in functioning
licentious (adjective)
freedom relative to moral discipline, sexual restraint, or behaving in a manner inconsistent with rules and standards imposed by a society
charisma (noun)
personal charm that allows one to hold sway over people
vestige (noun)
a trace or visible sign left behind by something vanished or lost (footprint)
peremptory (adjective)
absolute, final, leaves no room for discussion, not negotiable
audacious (adjective)
bold, adventurous, intrepid, reckless
monolithic (adjective)
anything that is one massive whole, exhibiting solid conformity and one harmonious pattern throughout
obelisk (noun)
-a four-sided monolithic (one stone) pillar, tapering as it rises and terminating in a pyramid -a mark of reference (an inverted spit or dagger) found in textbooks
akimbo (adjective, adverb)
the expression "arms akimbo" means a position in which a person's hands are placed on the hips with the elbows extended outward
cursory (adjective)
superficially done; done hastily without taking notes of details
eponym (noun)
the person whom something is named after
penchant (noun)
a strong taste or liking for something, a preference
asinine (adjective)
silly, stupid, uninteligent