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when must you drive 25 mph?
school zones, business districts, residential districts
if a vehicle is passing you should
slow down and let them pass
most passing should be done on the
when are the 2 times you are allowed to pass on the right?
roads with more than one lane going in the same direction the person is making a left and there is room on the right
what is a controlled intersection?
if there are traffic signals or signs in any direction or controlled by an officer
if you get a multi-way stop at the same time as someone else, you must
yield to the motorist on the right
what is an uncontrolled intersection?
when two or more roads join and there is no traffic signal or regulatory device
when approaching an uncontrolled intersection you must
reduce speed and be ready to stop
what is an acceleration lane?
extra lanes used to speed up to join the flow of traffic
what is a deceleration lane?
extra lanes at a highway exit that is on the right of the roadway
if you miss an exit ramp, you should
go to the next exit
the best way to enter a curve is to
slow down before entering and avoid drifting into another lane
when going around a curve your vehicle may tend to
keep going straight
what needs to happen before you can make a right hand turn at a red light?
make sure there is not a no turn on red sign, come to a full stop, and check for traffic
before turning, you must signal ___ feet in advance
signals are used when
turning, changing lanes, and/or slowing down
when a school bus is on the street picking/dropping off children, you must stop ___ feet away
if a school bus is stopped directly in front of a school dropping/picking up children you can pass the bus at a speed of no more than ___ mph
when an emergency vehicle is approaching, a motorist should steer to the
extreme right and wait
headlights must be used ___ min before/after sunset/sunrise, when visibility is less than ___ feet, and during ___
30, 500, bad weather
the bright beam (high beam) is used during ___ driving
open country
do not park within ___ feet of a fire hydrant, ___ feet of a stop sign, ___ feet of a crosswalk, and ___ of a railroad crossing
10, 50, 25, 50
motorists should always be prepared to yield to
pedestrians, emergency vehicles, and other cars already in the intersection
when are you allowed to use your cell phone?
fire, traffic crash, serious road hazard, medical emergency, and hazardous material emergency
safe turns are best made by approaching the intersection as far to the ___ as possible
when the pavement is marked with 2 centerlines, one of them being broken and the other being solid, passing is permitted on the side that has the ___ lines
list some places you cannot park in front of
crosswalk, sidewalk, interstate highway, where it is prohibited by municipal ordinance
aggressive drivers can lead to
when approaching a railroad crossing with flashing lights, you must ___ at least ___
stop 16 feet from the crossing
before entering an intersection with a yellow signal, you should
who must motorists yield to when making a right turn?
oncoming traffic and pedestrians, skateboarders, bicyclists
when making a left turn from a two-way road onto a four-lane highway you should
approach the turn as close to the center line to the right side of the road as possible and make the turn before reaching the center, and when traffic permits, move to the right
a single solid white line across a road at an intersection means
a motorist must stop behind the lane for a traffic signal or sign
explain the seat belt law in nj
all passengers must wear a seatbelt
how do seat belts help
keeps motorists and passengers from being thrown in a crash, slows the body down with the vehicle, and keeps a motorist from sliding on the seat during sudden stops and turns
what is the snow/ice law in nj?
a motorist must remove snow or ice from a vehicle before driving it
what is the proper hand position on the steering wheel and why?
9 and 3 o'clock positions--diminishes risk of injury if air bag is employed
how can a motorist drive in a straight line while in reverse?
a motorist's head and body should be turned to the right until he/she can see clearly through the back window of the vehicle. right hand and arm should be placed over the back of the front passenger seat, left hand should grasp the top of the steering wheel.
how far in advance does a motorist have to use their turn signal before making a turn?
100 ft
hand signals
left = hand and arm straight out right = hand out and up stop/slow down = hand all the way down
explain parking uphill and downhill in terms of where your wheels should be turned
parking downhill = wheels turned toward curb parking uphill = wheels turned away from curb
where should child safety seats be placed?
rear seats
what is carbon dioxide?
an odorless, colorless gas that is present in a vehicle's exhaust
the nj child passenger restraint safety law requires ___ and under and 80 lbs or less must ride in safety booster seat in the ___
8, year