Theology: Confirmation

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prophet ezekiel prophesied...
a renewal of life and a new covenant with God that would come about through Jesus.
the bones is ezekiels visioned represented..
the israelites
Due to their rebellion of God, the Israelites...
felt separated from God with little or no hope.
According to the vision Ezekiel experienced...
God would send His Spirit upon the house of Israel to renew them and make a new covenant with them.
Prophet Isiah prophesied...
that the Messiah would come from the house or lineage of David and that the Holy Spirit would rest upon this Messiah.
Jesus was conceived of...
the Holy Spirit, was in total union with the Holy Spirit, and born of the Virgin Mary.
John the baptist witnessed...
the descent of the Holy Spirit upon Jesus while Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River.
John the baptist testified that...
Jesus was the Son of God
Jesus promised to send an ____ at the last supper
advocate (someone who speaks on behalf)
This advocate was the ____ ____
holy spirit
Pente is greek for ___
Pentecost was an event that happened ____ days after Easter
the signs of the holy spirit at pentecost were...
wind and fire (tongues of fire above the heads of the apostles)
____ is the official birthday of the church
____ begins new life
______ strengthens the new life
_____ nourishes our new christian life through Jesus' body and blood
Early Church—the Sacrament of ______ was celebrated immediately following Baptism.
ordinary minister for western church
USCCB stands for..
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
in the western church, the USCCB mandates that candidates for confirmation must be at the ___ of ___
age of reason or older (about seven to sixteen)
(western church) In ____, when the child or adult is Baptized, the Sacrament of Confirmation will follow immediately after the Baptism. Eucharist follows Confirmation.
in the _____ church, all three sacraments of initiation are received at the same service
At the eastern church, the sacred oil used is called _____
at the western church, the oil used is called ____ _____
sacred chrism
the ordinary minister in the eastern church is the _____ ___ ____
priest who baptizes
a special gift or grace of the holy spirit
Those receiving Confirmation in the Eastern Church will have other sense ____ anointed with the myron
seven gifts of the holy spirit
1. Wisdom 2. Knowledge 3. Understanding 4. Piety or Reverence 5. Counsel or Right Judgment 6. Fortitude or Courage 7. Fear of the Lord or Wonder and Awe
the essential rite of confirmation is...
1. anointing on the forehead with sacred chrism (in eastern churches the other sense organs too) 2. Laying on of the minister’s hands and the words
Confirmation imprints a spiritual ____ on the soul. It, like Baptism and Holy Orders, can only be received once.
The candidates for reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation must:
1. Profess the faith 2. Be in a state of grace 3. Desire to receive the Sacrament 4. Intend to live as a disciple of Christ and witness to the faith both with the Church and in the world 5. Must be baptized and reached the age of reason (between the ages of seven to sixteen in Western Church)
in the eastern church, confirmation is known as _____
the father of john the baptist is...
mary and elizabeth are...
on ___ ____, holy oils are blessed by the bishop
holy thursday


the gift of the holy spirit that helps us discover the will of God in all things


the gift of the holy spirit that enlightens us to the evils of satan that dangers our eternal salvation and helps us make moral decisions


the gift of the holy spirit that helps us to see things in their proper light. (example: to see the world as a creation of god and not a accident of nature)


the gift of the holy spirit that strenghtens us to give worship to God and helps us keep his commands because we love him


the gift of the holy spirit that strengthens us to defend our faith even to the point of dying for it

fear of the lord

the gift of the holy spirit that makes us despise sin and the possibility of offending God


the gift of the holy spirit that helps us to know more clearly the mysteries of our faith