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The World's largest producer of opium. 
Capital: Kabul
The country's national airport named after Mother Teresa. 
Capital: Tirana
80%-90% of the land is Sahara desert. 
Capital: Algiers
The home for the giant sable antelope. 
Capital: Luanda
One of the main drawing attractions is "wine tourism."
Capital: Buenos Aires
The only nation to govern the entire continent. 
Capital: Canberra
This country used the very first postcards in the world. 
Capital: Vienna
The first country with a majority of Muslims to perform operas and plays. 
Capital: Baku
A very important financial center of the Arab world. 
Capital: Manama
There are more than 50 million cell phones in use in this country. 
Capital: Dhaka
Restrict freedom of speech, press, and religion. 
Capital: Minsk
Has the nickname "Cockfighting arena of Europe."
Capital: Brussels
The birthplace of chewing gum and Punta rock.
Capital: Belmopan
This country holds the record as one of the wettest countries in the world.
Capital: La Paz
The nickname "Heart Shaped Land" comes from the country's heart shape.
Capital: Sarajevo
This country has the richest diamond mine by value in the world.
Capital: Gaborone
Has the world's biggest rain-forest, the Amazon forest. 
Capital: Sao Paulo
Inventions of the first electronics, car air bag and digital watch are from this country.
Capital: Sofia
A colony of France for 90 years, 1863 to 1953.
Capital: Phnom Penh
One of the wettest lands on earth with an annual rainfall of about 1028 cm.
Capital: Douala
Has the world's longest coastline which stretched approximately 244,000 kms.
Capital: Ottawa
Home of Lake Chungara, one of the world's highest lakes above sea level.
Capital: Santiago
This country used fingerprinting in 700 A.D.
Capital: Beijing
The Only S. America country that has access to both the Pacific and Caribbean ocean.
Capital: Bogota
The official language is French and is the 3rd largest country on the African continent.
Capital: Kinshasa
One of the countries with no standing army, but a limited military force.
Capital: San Jose
"Iskrice" was the very 1st hydropower plant in the world.
Capital: Zagreb
Produces the world's finest cigars. 
Capital: Havana
The North region controlled by Turkish separatists.
Capital: Nicosia
Famous for its crystal fine art.
Capital: Prague
It is the home of Lego.
Capital: Copenhagen
The 2nd largest nation in the Caribbean.
Capital: Santo Domingo
The 1st nation in 2008 to declare that nature has constitutional rights.
Capital: Quito
Invented the 365 days calendar.
The only country in Central America without an Atlantic coastline.
Capital: San Salvador
The 1st country in the world to use online political voting.
Capital: Tallinn
The only African country that has its very own unique script.
Capital: Addis Ababa
Mobile company Nokia founded here.
Capital: Helsinki
Gave the Statue of Liberty as the gift to the U.S. in 1886.
Capital: Paris
The capital, Libreville, was founded by freed slaves in 1849.
Capital: Libreville
Considered a transcontinental country, partially in E. Europe and Southwest Asia.
Capital: Tbilisi
In World War II, their sub was sunk by a broken toilet.
Capital: Berlin
Gold and cocoa are considered a mainstay of the economy.
Capital: Accra
Received the largest bailout ever assembled in 2010.
Capital: Athens
Invented the 1st chocolate bar during Mayan Times.
Capital: Guatemala City
Has the World's highest murder rate.
Capital: Tegucigalpa
Inventions of the Ballpoint pen, holography, and Rubik's cube are from this country.
Capital: Budapest
Only 1% of the country is covered by trees.
Capital: Reykjavik
Invented the chess game.
Capital: New Delhi
It is the largest archipelago in the world.
Capital: Jakarta
Persian cat breed, which is one of the world's oldest breeds, originated from this country.
Capital: Tehran
Wrote the popular story, Alibaba and Forty Thieves, around 1,000 years ago.
Capital: Baghdad
The term "boycott" comes from the Captain James Boycott.
Capital: Dublin
The only liberal democracy in the middle east.
Capital: Jerusalem
Enrico Fermi invented the nuclear reactor.
Capital: Rome
Jamaica was the 1st tropical country to enter the Winter Olympics.
Capital: Kingston
There are vending machines that dispense beer.
Capital: Tokyo
The City of Petra was literally carved into rock 2000 years ago.
Capital: Amman
Has the World's 2nd largest uranium reserve.
Capital: Astana
The country in which Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II.
Capital: Nairobi
The only country in the world with no natural water supply from lakes or reservoirs. 
Capital: Kuwait City
Has the world's 2nd largest high-altitude lake and it doesn't freeze.
Capital: Bishkek
The only landlocked country in Southeast Asia.
Capital: Vientiane
It is famous for some of the best Art Nouveau architecture in Europe.
Capital: Riga
The world's 1st ever law school was founded in the city of Beirut.
Capital: Beirut
A free education and loans with 0% interest rate for all citizens.
Capital: Tripoli
The only German speaking nation that does not share a border with Germany.
Capital: Vaduz
They have bottled a "national perfume", called the Scent of Lithuania.
Capital: Vilnius
It is currently the world's only Grand Duchy.
Hunung Mulu National Park is the World's largest national park.
Capital: kuala Lumpur
The country's economic stability fluctuates with agricultural commodity and gold prices.
Capital: Banmako
Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world and has the highest elevation.
Capital: Mexico City
The 2nd smallest sovereign nation in the world.
Capital: Monaco
Once ruled 22% of Earth's land under the tyranny of Genghis Khan.
Capital: Ulaanbaatar
Al-Karouine, the World's oldest continuously operational university was established in 859 AD. 
Capital: Rabat
The only national flag with a modern weapon on it.
Capital: Maputo
The 2nd least densely populated country in the world.
Capital: Windhoek
Contains 8 out of 10 highest peaks in the world, including Mt. Everest. 
Capital: Kathmandu
More than 25% of the country is below sea level.
Capital: Amsterdam
The capital, Wellington, is the southernmost capital city on the planet.
Capital: Wellington
The only known freshwater shark lives in this country.
Capital: Managua
One of the hottest nations in the world has the nickname "Frying Pan of the World."
Capital: Niamey
The most populous country in Africa and the 8th populous in the world.
Capital: Abuja
There is a ban on internet and cell phones in this country.
Capital: Pyongyang
A carpenter invented the cheese slicer and patented it in 1925.
Capital: Oslo
The date palm is considered the most important crop in this country.
Capital: Muscat
Gwadar port is the largest deep sea port in the world.
Capital: Islamabad
30% of the economy comes from the Canal.
Capital: Panama City
The Itaipu dam houses the World's 2nd largest hydroelectric generation plant.
Capital: Asuncion
The country contains the most famous ruins of the Incan Empire.
Capital: Lima
The 8th Wonder of the world - Northern Luzon's Rice Terraces are in this country.
Capital: Manila
Invasion by Germany and Russia in 1939 triggered World War II.
Capital: Warsaw
Built the World's 1st wave-power farm. 
Capital: Lisbon
The World's largest liquefied natural gas supplier.
Capital: Doha
More than half of this country's Jewish population died in WWII.
Capital: Bucharest
This country has the World's largest natural gas reserves.
Capital: Moscow
The world's largest producer of desalinated water.
Capital: Riyadh
The Sengambian Stone Circles were on the World Heritage List in 2006.
Capital: Dakar
The famous "blood diamonds" were minded and sold during the civil war to raise money for weapons.
Capital: Freetown
"The Night Safari" is the 1st Night Zoo in the world.
Capital: Singapore
Separated from the Czech Republic in 1993, called the "Velvet Divorce."
Capital: Bratislava
The country won independence from Yugoslavia in 1991.
Capital: Ljubljana
The country is the 1st African nation that was used for flying warplanes by the British.
Capital: Mogadishu
The only country that has 3 official capitals, Pretoria, Cape Town, and Bloemfontein.
Capital: Pretoria
The Seoul National University created the World's 1st cloned dog, "Snuppy."
Capital: Seoul
Bullfighting has been a traditional event in this country for thousands of years.
Capital: Madrid
The World's largest tea exporter.
Capital: Colombo
The country split into 2 countries, north and south, in 2011.
Capital: Khartoum
The smallest country in Africa. 
Capital: Mbabane
Built the world's 1st ice hotel.
Capital: Stockholm
Zurich is considered to be the country with the most drinking-water fountains in the world.
Capital: Bern
The only liberal democracy in the Middle East.
Capital: Damascus
The world's only tree-climbing lions live in the Lake Manyara National Park here.
Capital: Dar Es Salaam
Home to the World's largest gold Buddha.
Capital: Bangkok
It is home to the world's largest natural deposit - asphalt.
Capital: Port-of-Spain
A revolution facilitated by social media in Jan. 2011, resulted in the ousting of the President.
Capital: Tunis
Istanbul is the World's only capital city that is built on two continents.
Capital: Ankara
The country has the largest primate-density in the world.
Capital: Kampala
The country has extremely fertile black earth soils.
Capital: Kyiv
Has the world's largest shopping mall and the largest man-made island.
Capital: Abu Dhabi
82% of the US population can trace their ancestry to this Eurpoean country.
Capital: London
A nation with many challenges but still super awesome!!
Capital: Washington, D.C.
The only country in Latin America which is entirely outside the tropics.
Capital: Montevideo
Controls Latin America's largest oil and gas reserves.
Capital: Caracas
One of the biggest producers of cashew nuts in the world.
Capital: Hanoi
The only Republic country in the Middle East, the others are Kingdoms or Emirates.
Capital: Sana's
In this country, 63% of the population live below the poverty line (2017).
Capital: Harare