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frontal lobe
deals with speaking, planning, and judgment: aka higher-level thinking
parietal lobe
receives sensory input for movement and touch. Contains the sensory cortex
occipital lobe
receives information from visual fields (your eyes)
temporal lobe
deals with hearing. Receives information from the opposite ear and contains the Wernicke's area
motor cortex
controls voluntary movements such as raising your hand
sensory cortex
processes body touch and movement, like temperature and pain
visual cortex
processes visual information as well
auditory cortex
receives and processes the contents of sounds, voices, or music
brocca's area
deals with the production of language and speaking
wernicke's area
deals with understanding language
corpus callosum
ensures both sides of the brain can communicate and send signals to each other.
the oldest part of the brain; located near the spinal cord. it is responsible for automatic survival functions.
the base of the brainstem. Controls heartbeat and breathing.
reticular formation
nerve network that travels through the brainstem and thalamus. Plays a part in controlling arousal and consciousness
the brain's sensory control center that receives messages and then directs them to corresponding lobes in the brain. Information about smell is the only sense that doesn't pass through
processes sensory information, coordinates movement and balance, enables implicit memories.
spinal cord
send motor commands from the brain to the body, send sensory information from the body to the brain, and coordinate reflexes
linked to emotion (fear and aggression)
helps regulate the endocrine system. Directs maintenance activities that have to do with the four Fs: Fighting, Fleeing, Feeding, Mating
processes explicit memory
pituitary gland
referred to as the “master gland” because it monitors and regulates many bodily functions through the hormones that it produces, including growth and reproductive development