Unit 2.4 - Chemical Reactions and Enzymes

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How is a chemical reaction written?
Reactants -> Products
Reactants are _________, products are ____________.
The substances that you put in, the substance that you get out.
Proteins that act as biology’s catalysts
What's a Catalyst?
Something that speeds up chemical reactions
Why do we need enzymes?
Some chemical reactions in life are too slow or require too much energy to be useful, so cells use enzymes as catalysts.
How do enzymes speed up chemical reactions?
Enzymes speed up these reactions by lowering the activation energy of the reaction. (they stick to reactants)
What does 'lowering the activation energy' mean?
Lowering the amount of energy that a cell needs to use to do a specific process.
The reactants that enzymes stick to.
What's the 'lock and key' method?
Just like a lock, there's only one key to open it, with chemical reactions there is only one enzyme to help it move along.
What can effect enzymes?
Since they are catalysts, many things can effect them, including temperature and pH level.
True or False: Enzymes are not used up or changed by reactions.
What's lactose?
a disaccharide found in milk
What does the 'ose' ending mean?
It's a sugar
What does the 'ase' ending mean?
It's an enzyme
What's lactase
An enzyme used to break up milk
What does lactase break milk into?
Glucose and galactose
How does lactase break up milk?