contemporary art finals grade 12

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contemporary art finals grade 12

42 Terms
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Public art
Art in outdoor spaces, these are arts that is intended to see in public.
Community-based art
Refers to artistic activity based in community setting
Municipal art
typically located in plazas, squares, school institutions. it instills the patriotism and nationalism of filipinos.
Commemorative monuments
Sculptures who are honored for heroism
Campaign-based art
This art promotes an idea of making visible reminders to public
Land art
Monumental earthworks that interacts with nature and the environment
the art or practice of taking and processing photographs.
Nature photography
Photographs that enables us to view landscapes.

Photography and reality

can also present reality in its true form to describe a scene
Photographic alteration
can show the illusion and this challenge the standpoint of fidelity of appearance
Mobile photography
taking pictures using mobile phones
Digital art
an art form that uses digital technology
Non-figurative digital art
it is a type of digital artdisregards figures and uses geometric shapes, lines, spaces, and movements.
Fantasy digital art
it is a type of digital art that took inspiration from myths, legends
Digital art as a design
it is a type of digital art that is used in business and commercial industry


It is an addictive process; modeled sculptures are created when a soft or malleable material such as clay is built using an armature then shaped to create a form.


It is a subtractive process where the material is systematically eliminated from the outside.


It is made permanent with plaster of paris.


Sculptors gather and put together different materials, including found objects to create an assembled sculpture.

modeling, carving, casting, assembling

4 Basic Techniques in Sculptures

stone, metal, terracotta clay, wood, bronze, resin

6 materials in sculptures

monolithic sculpture

a style in contemporary sculpture where The materials are limited only by the material shapes and sizes

constructivism sculpture

a style in contemporary sculpture where Figurative sculpture in harmony with physics and science, engineering, mathematics, geometry.

sculptural assemblage

a style in contemporary sculpture where Materials put together through single attachment.

kinetic art

a style in contemporary sculpture where Sculpture in mechanical motion.


a style in contemporary sculpture where Sculpture found in wall.


a style in contemporary sculpture where It is closed and can become a package, A portable container for something worth keeping.


a style in contemporary sculpture where Sculpture that are associated with the wall and is more like a room.

monolithic sculpture, constructivism sculpture, sculptural assemblage, kinetic art, niche, boxes, grotto

7 styles in contemporary structure

site, function, clients, workmanship, climate, materials, building codes

7 Factors must be considered to avoid Architectural problem.

biomorphic architecture

Is designed with patterns or shapes inspired by living organisms.

Environmental-Friendly architecture

Artists promote environmental awareness through their creative work. Consider the connection between outdoor and indoor landscape while integrating nature into the structure.


Are immensely tall buildings found in densely populated cities.


A type of photo used in journalism.

stone, wood, bricks, ferro-concrete, wood, cast-iron, steel

6 Materials in Contemporary Architecture

post and lintel

It consists of two vertical supports bridged by a horizontal beam and creates a strong emphasis on the walls of modern buildings.


Is the horizontal beam or slab that juts out into a space beyond its supporting post.

truss system

Is an application of the geometric fact that no angle of a triangle can be changed without altering the dimensions of the sides.


Is used to support bridges and viaducts and is used in association with large domical and vaulted structure.


A cylindrical drum over a circular foundation creating a sense of enclosure and solidarity.

shell structure

It encloses a great deal of space with a minimum use of materials.

solar panels

Generate electricity that can provide power to the entire building.