Technical Drafting 10 Q1: AutoCAD Commands for Modification

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AR (Array)
Duplicate objects using POLAR, RECTANGULAR, and PATH ARRAY
CHA (Chamfer)
Make slant edges in sharp corners also called as Chamfers
CO (Copy)
Duplicating objects by defining BASE POINT and a second point of displacement
E (Erase)
Delete or erase unnecessart objects
EXT (Extrude)
3D solid objects
F (Fillet)
Rounded corners to the sharp edges
H (Hatch)
Fill an area with selected areas with a hatch pattern
I (Insert)
Insert a block/drawing into the current drawing
J (Joint)
Join the endpoints of linear and curved objects to create a single object
M (Move)
Move objects at a specified distance and direction
MI (Mirror)
Create a reverse copy of an object
O (Offset)
Duplicate an object that is similar and parallel to the existing object
RO (Rotate)
Turn the object at a specified basepoint
STR (Stretch)
Stretch the portion of the object partially enclosed by the polygon selection or window
SC (Scale)
Enlarge/reduce the size of the selected object by keeping the proper proportion of the object after scaling
TR (Trim)
Remove extra lines or parts of an object