Psychology Exam 3 (copy)

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Spaced Repetition

spaced repetition

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alarm, resistance, exhaustion

competitive, hard-driving, impatient, verbally aggressive, and anger-prone people

easy-going, relaxed people

denial, avoidance, procrastination, wishful thinking, giving up

focus on innate, inherited traits genetics strongly influence behaviours, patterns and preferences


conscientiousness, agreeableness, neuroticism, openness, extraversion

professor of law and psychiatry also a person living with schizophrenia

tricyclics - tofranil, desiril, increase norepinephrine activity

Benzodiazepines - valium, xanax

  • short-acting

  • habit forming

control hallucinations and delusions

  • traditional - thorazine, prolixin

  • many side effects

  • hard to tolerate

effective for treatment-resistant major depression deep brain stimulation

(1)at first, the patient edits his thoughts, resisting his or her feelings to express emotions. this resistance becomes important in the analysis of conflict-driven anxiety

(2) eventually the patient opens up and reveals their most private thoughts

active listening, empathy and reflection, unconditional positive regard

applies principles of learning to the elimination of unwanted behaviors- the assumption is that if we change your behavior, we are changing you