Ch 5 quiz - Juvenile Delinquency

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General gang definition
Groups that exhibit characteristics setting them apart from other affliliation of juveniles
Thrasher gang definition
An interstitial group originally formed spontaneously and then intergrated through conflict. Is characterized by the following types of behavior: meeting face to face, milling, movement as a unit, conflict and planning. Results in the development of a subculture.
Eurogang 5 elements of gangs
Durability Spends lots of time together in public membership is composed primarily of juveniles some degree of illegal activity Sees itself as having an identity.
Curry and Decker's 5 elements of gangs
Group Communication Crime Permanence Turf Symbols
Ages in gangs
Early research showed gang members as typically youths; research now shows adults make up 60% of gang membership
Social class in gangs
Vast majority found in lower-class areas, however growing into higher class suburban areas.
Race and ethnicity in gangs
Gangs exist across all racial and ethnic groups; Hispanic makes up 47%, African American 33%, and white 10%.
Females in gangs
Surveys of young females shows ≈10% report membership in a gang; overall self report data shows 25-33% of females claim gang membership