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Thin, flat irregular border
Box shape cell
Tall, Rectangle cell and the nuclei is at the bottom of the cell
Cubed liked at the bottom of the cell and flat at the top
Cells can change shape
Losses irregular arrangement of fibers and cells ( collagen, elastic, reticular, and fibroblasts fibers)
Primary cell type is adipocyte and contains large lipid droplets
Regular arrangement of tightly package collagen fibers and scattered fibroblasts
Cell suspended in plasma ( Erythrocytes, Leukocytes and Platelets)
Matrix of glands substance complexed with carbohydrates with found in lacunae
Matrix of collagen and calcium salts with osteocytes found in lacunae ( central canal and canaliculi)
Long, cylinder shape cells (Multinucleated and striated )
Layers of fusiform cells ( Single centrally located nucleus and lack striations)
Rectangle, branched cells
Large, star shape neurons surrounded by scatter neurula