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Trevor Nunn
who wrote lyrics to memory?
fiddler on the roof
what is the Bock and harnick world musical popular in japan?
traditional revival
what kin of revival is reminisant of the original production?
11 o'clock number
what type of song is roses turn?
self referential/ reflexive musical
what celebrates musical theatre while making fun of it?
2nd lobgest braodway musical
evita tim rice and alw
Name this musical about the rice to power of an argentinian dictator
Gypsy (1957)
name is Derogatory towards romani people 1947 memoir, source material- memore of gypsy rose lee, famous for psychology of a stripper Got pulitzer prize for drama 9 tony nominations, no wins because it was running against the Sound of Music Music jule styne, lyrics stephen sondhiem, book author laurents
roses turn
11 o’clock number Double meaning of word ‘turn’ Jerome Robbins wanted it to be a “Nightmare ballet” Ethel mermon couldnt dance and they ran out of time to choreograph it Late at night sondheim and styne wrote it taking melody lines from different songs throughout the ballet Patti = much rawer in quality Bernadette = much more controlled
Jule Styne
Wrote music for gypsy Had a trunk of songs, published 1500 songs Child prodigy, big gambler, cigar in mouth Wrote let it snow Wrote 18 musicals, at one point there was a new show on broadway by this person every year
Hair (1968)
First rock musical Gave look into hippie life without people having to go to the hippies Book and lyrics: Jerome ragni and James Rado Public theatre: joseph prapp Music: Galt McDermont V different from j and j Producer: Micheal Butler Running to be senator for NY on a anti-war platform 1750 performances No real plot, various povs from the counter culture movement, deals with race but comidically Rock and roll can meet dramatic demands of musical thetare Contributed to birth of rock musical, but had delayed effect like show boat Lots of imitators but no success for 25 years
Jerome Ragni
Wrote book and lyrics of hair with James Rado Was a hippie who wanted to write abt the alt movement
James Rado
Wrote book and lyrics of hair with jerome ragni Was a hippie who wanted to write abt the alt movement
Environmental theatre
This happens in hair The actors break the fourth wall and the entire space/ environment becomes a part of the show/ story
Concept Musical
Company, Hair A musical that has a common theme or idea connecting it together but most likely odes not have a traditional real plot Theme and idea is the central point of the story, not a linear narrative Songs comment on action rather than moving plot forward
Michael Bennette
First choreographer then director-choreographer of a chorus line Loves dance, opened studio at 12 Joined europe as baby john in west side story at 16 Idolized jerome robbins
Dancers Project- became a chorus line was the first workshop was 18 months Basicaclly get mone and space to improve your musical
Public Theatre
Joseph papp- artistic director Dancers project used- first workshop? goerge c wolf is the director
A Chorus Line
Dancers project- first workshop Gathered a bunch of dancers and recorded them discussing their lives and careers Micheal Bennette- choreographer then director choreographer Reality based musical, most actors played themself Shows blue-collar workers of broadway Is about putting yourself on the line, universal theme, metaphor for life Longest Runnign Broadway Musical at that time 6137 Performances (closed in 1990) Currently the 7th longest running 9 Tonys, Pultizer Prize 2006 Revival Exact replica of the og production
Sung-Through Musical
Hamilton, Rent, Jesus Christ supper star, cats, les miserbels No/little dialogue, is sung through Score tells the story
Reflexive Musical
Musical that celebrates musical theatre and makes fun of the conventions/cliquas of musical theatre Shrek, Urinetown the muscial, Drops pretence that peep randomly break into song and dance
Urinetown, the musical
2001, all writers broadway debut Lyrics marke Hollman and Greg Kotis Music: Mark Hollman Book greg Kotis 965 performances, 3 tonys best book, score, direction
Jukebox Musical
A musical with the score composed of previously released songs Mamma mia, rock of ages
Rock of Ages
Reflexive, jukebox, rock musical Book: chris d’argieno Music: 1980’s glam rock Bon jovi, styx, twisted siter, steve perry, poison, journey 2328 performances, no tonys
Dansical (dance musical)
All dance, little to no dialogue or singing, some music with lyrics used Fosse, come fly away, Contact
2000 Developed by susan stroman and john weiman Susan stroman choreographer and director Used prerecorded music, jukebox musical and dancicle Beach Boys to Tchaikovsky Tony for best musical Created new reward, tony for best theatrical event 1010 performances
Susan Stroman
Developed idea for contact directed/ choreographed contact, the producers, Scottsburro Brothers
Screen-to-Stage Musical
Musical using book (and sometimes score) of an already produced movie
the producers
directed/ choreographed by Susan stroman Book by mel brookes and thomas meeham Music and lyrics by mel brookes Reflexive, based on 1968 film of same name 12 tonys, only show to win in every category it was nominated for 2501 performances
archival revival
Exactly the same as the original show A chorus line
traditional revival
Similar as the original show but not exactly the same, reminiscent Oaklahoma w/ hugh jackman, 2017-18 Ms Saigon
revisionist revival
New take all together Sweeny Todd assylumn, Company 2006 and company 2022
jerry bock
Composer of fiddler on the roof and fiorello Taught himself to play by ear First musical in highschool Created award that allows artist not to worry for a year but just work on their art
sheldon harnick
Fiddler on the roof, fiorello lyrisict Alot of songs have twist at end where lyric changes and still has twist
composer jerry bock Lyrisct sheldon harnick Hal prince produced George abbot directed 795 performances, 3 tonys 1960 pulitzer prize Book, george abbot and Jerome Weidman
George abbott
Director, playwright, producer, actor, librettist, screen writer Directed and help write book for Fiorello! Rogers and heart go to director in 30s The abbott touch, called mr abbott Worked on 116 broadway shows Scripted doctor Master of golden age damatist technique and structure, Credited with formulaic structur eof musicals in the 30s 40s Og director for the pijama game and damn yankees Helped with fancy free Hal Prince Assistant stage managed for his musicals
the fiddler on the roof
First musical that was Bock & Harnicks idea Book: Joseph Stein Director/Choreographer: Jerome Robbins Later tried to claim that it was his idea Helped him reconcile with his father End of golden age musical The metaphor of the fiddler, jewish experience, tradition, precarious position Leitmotif of tradition Hugely popular around the world, especially in japan, first worlde musical Og production starred Zero Mostel as Tevye Jerome Robbins copyrights his choreography in this, first time we see this Takes place in 1905 russia, present ukrain Based on short stories Tevye’s Daughters by Shalom Aleichem Title from a painting by Marc Chagall, surrealist painter. The Fiddler (1912)
Anti semetic violence, the raids in fiddler Diaspora- seperation of people from their home land
seperation of people from their home land
hal prince
Guru of concept musical Producer- fiorello , director- company 64 broadway shows, 21 tonys- most for any individual
Bob Fosse
Fosse style dance Choreographed damn yankees, pajama game. Director+ choreographer of chicago Father taught ball room dancing Toured with USO performing naval bases Formed riff brother with childhood friend Spent most of childhood backstage at burlesque shows
fosse style
Bob fosse’s style of dance Purposeful movements, probs liek hats, canes and gloves Distinct, jazz hands, body percussion, not genders, sex pump and grind, vaudville esq Know it when you see it
john kander
Composser of chicago, scottsboro boys Worked on gypsy as composer for dance sequences Stereo typical midwestern
Fred Ebb
book and lyrics to chicago and Scottsboro boys New yorker, worked for years before joining with kander
Music john kander, lyrics fred ebb book fred ebb and bob fosse Director. Choreographer bob fosse Source: play by maurene dallas walkins, when she dies they got the rights 11 tony nom, no wins, mixed reviews Film version- oscar for best film
1996 revival of chicago
Very successful, 6 tonys Close to oj trial so audience more receptive to criminals as celebraties thems
the scottsboro boys
Book david thomson, lyrics fred ebb, music john kander Susan stromman, director, chourigrapher Based on tru story of scottsboror boys, framed as minstrel show- controversal 12 tony nom, no wins 49 performances
les miserables
Mega musical, sung through Based on the book by vitor hugh Lyrics: Alain Boublil Music: Claude-Michel Schonberg Director trevor nunn Sets john napier
Miss Saigon
Mega musical, sung through musical Lyrics- elan boubil and richard maltbury Music- claudmichel sconberg Director trever nunn Dets john napier- real helicopter Updated version of puccinis opera - madame butterfly 4092 performances 2017-18 broadway revival traditional
Alain boublil
Lyrics to les misserbles and miss saigon
Claude-Michel Schönberg
Music to les mis and miss saigon
non-tradtional casting
When casting without considering race or ethnisity pros Gives more oportunities to poc actors Cons token isue- now we have our token— Still tellijng just whiet stories Comentary with casting choices
“I Am Miss Saigon and I Hate It” Article
Miss representation of the veitameise comunity, just a white savior feel good story for white people Why not tell the reality of vietnamese experience, thats not fun for the stage Brings up the descussion of teh need to tell all sort of storys and for people to be given opportunities to tell it from their own perspective May give opportunities to asian american actors but still need storys taht represent them accurately
Bring in ‘da Noise, Bring in ‘da Funk
revue/ dancical Musical and lyrics by lots of composers Conceived by George C. Wolf (director of public theatre) 1135 performances First time story was told of POC, story of b;ack experience from slavery to modern day
Andrew loyd webber and cameron mackintosh liked these Huge in all respects, source material, score, tech, world appeal, spectacle more important than plot 80’s 90’s, les mis, phantom of the opera. Miss saigon, cats
Trevor Nunn
Spectacle musical director Directed les miserbles, miss saigon, cats, starlight express
John Napier
Set designer of spectacle musicals; les miserbles, miss saigon, cats, starlight express
Andrew Lloyd Webber
Doesnt understand human voice, people who do his shows can only do 5 a week because of the demand Sung through musicals: cats, evita,jesus christ super star Megga musicals, eclectic musical style Composer, producer, businessman,showman Loves and hated Knighted Acusedd of plagiarism Lack of content and character development 2 of the top 5 broadway musicals are his, phantom and cats Really Usefull Group (RUG)
Really Useful Group (R.U.G.)
Andrew Lloyd webbers company First to be put in stock exchange Name is reference to starlight express
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Andrew loyd webber, music Lyrics- tim rice 747 performances Family friendly biblical story of joseph 7 tony nom, no wins
Tim Rice
Lyrics- Joseph and teh amazing technicolor drem coat, jesus christ supper star, evita Did NOT work on cats, this is when alw and rice had a falling out After falling out, lyrics to beauty and the beast and lion king
Music- andrew lloyd webber Lyrics tim rice Director hal prince Sung through 1567 performances, 7 tony wins Patty lepone Ava Peron -> said about role “I was screaming my way through a role that could’ve only been written by a man who hates women”
Falling out between webber and rice so they did not work together for thai production lyrics- T.S. elliot- most from his book old possums book of practical cat Music- andrew lloyd webber Produced y cameron mackintosh Designer- john napier Director trever nun- responsible for memory Ran for 18 years. 4th Longest running musical in Broadway history (7485 Performances
T.S. Eliot
Lyrics to cats most taken from his poetry book, Old Possom’s Book of Practical Cat Did NOT write memory
Jesus Christ Superstar
Music andrew loyd webber Lyrics- tim rice Sung through rock opera, began as concept album Protests but now used to teach christianity Anachronism
Cameron Mackintosh
Producer of cats, phantom of the opera, les miserbles, Started as asm from london born in a middle class fam Began global marketing as well as distinct logos making ot easy to recognize the individual musical
global marketing
Started by cameron mackintosh tightly controlled, specific logos, consistency everywhere
the starlight express
In the top 3 longest running musicals of london, also germans love it
Stephen Sondheim
Lyrics to west side story and gypsy Mentor: Oscar Hammerstein, advised him to write the lyrics for the musicals he only did that for Went beyond integration, songs should be little plays Was against rock and pop musicals until jonathan larson and lin maneul miranda Self expressive but integrated Sondheim paradox- experimental sensibility in popular art form First musical broadway that he composed and lyrics - A funny Thing happened on the way to the forum
Sondhiem lyrics and music Book: george furth Director and producer hal prince Can you do a musical with no plot?, archetype of concept musical 6 tonys including best musical, 705 performances Barcelona- subtext/ song as a play 2006 Revival Directed by john Doyle Revisionist revival performers also the musicians Tony for best revival 2022 Revival Bobbie -> woman playing bobbie Revionsit revival: gender twists Tony for Best Revival
Sweeney Todd (1972)
Sondheim musica and lyrics Director hal prince Book hugh wheeler Source play by christopher bond Based on mythical figure in london Eugene lee designed the chair/ shoot thing as well as wicked Parellels to inequidies in american culure in the 70s Class devide grows, nixon, middle class not as well off 8 tonys including best musical
John Doyle
2005 Revival of Sweeney Todd All instruments, in assylum Revisionist reviva
Sunday in the Park with George
Book and director, james lapine Inspired by the painting “Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of La Grande Jatte” , the fistionalized life of the painter george cerra, 2nd act 100 years later with descendant 1985 pulitzer prize for drama Creating art is work, abt the details, working out the details of what art is saying
Corporatization of Broadway
Disney got time square comersialized,revamp theatre district Artists no like Corporations on Bway Spongebob Square Pants Nikelodeon Wicked Universal Studios Shrek Dreamworks Disney Theatrical
Disney Theatricals
Only corp with there own negotiations with union contracts Work directy with actors equity Only one withown division of theatre
Beauty and the Beast
Basically what was on screen plopped on stage Music- Alan menken Lyrics time rice and howard ashamn Tenth longest running show 9 tony nom, 1 win in costumes 20mil budget, 5461 performances
Howard Ashman
Lyrics to beauty and the beast, little mermaid, and aladdin
Alan Menken
Music for beauty and the beast, little mermaid, aladdin and newsies
The Lion King
Music elton john Lyrics- time rice Director julie tamor Dont hide magic astetic, based on backrgound of indonesian puppetry Choral music lebo m Tiny for best musical, only disney one to earn this
Julie Taymor
Direct the lion king Dont hide magic astetic with indonesian puppetry background Mae sure that at least 2 south african actors where in lion king Also directed spiderman but was forced to leave bc injuries
the little mermaid
Heelies to look like swimming on stage Alan menken- music lyrics - howard ashmen and glen slater No tonys, 685 performances
Marry Poppins
First disney musical based on live action film Co produced- cameron mackintosh and disney 2619 performances, 8tony nom, 1 win(set) Lost best musical to spring awakening
Newsies (2012)
Disney More successful tahn thought woud Based on 1992 cult film Music alan menkien Book harvey feinstein Lyrics jack feldman Open march 29 2012 Thought no success and only want 101 shows but ended up running for 1004 performances Won 2 tonys best score and coreographer
Aladdin (2014)
On broadway rn Music alan menken Lyrics howard ashman 5 tony nom 1 win, best actor
Music and lyrics- kristen anderson-lopez and bobby lopez Book jennifer lee 825 performances bc covid 3 tony nom no win
Rock Musicals
Hair was first but delayed efect so not many in 60s and 70s not until 1993 with the whos tommy Rent is also one
Rock Musical "requirments"
___ Musical aspects include... Youth culture Performers, creators and overall aesthetic Counter culture Alienated comunity Rebellion “Sex drugs and rock n roll” search for identity Sound Raw, electric, amplified, synthesized
The Who’s Tommy
Next rock musical to finally take off after hair Based on a 1963 concept album by The Who Music and Lyrics: Pete Townshend Book: Townshed and Des McAnuff Director: Des McAnuff 8999 performances, 4 tonys, cast full of broadway debut performers that became v successful
Music and lyrics and book- jonathan larson Rock musical, sung through Director micheal greif 4 tonys including best Pulitzer prize Modern retelling of puccis la beheme Moved to nederlander theater on west 41rst Theatre wasnt used for a decade, sketch area, theatre fits astetic of the show
Jonathan Larson
Rent, tik tik boom Menti of stephen sondhiem Died 35 arotic tear, night of first off broadway preview Born in Westchester, NY Influenced by pop music AND musical theatre Not an overnight success Tik, Tick, Boom…(1990) Wrote music for Sesame Street among many other projects Mentored by Stephen Sondheim
“What’s Wrong with the Broadway Musical” article
Basically- are we still being innovative with our musicals? Or naw
Commodity Musicals
Based on commercially successful well remembered movies
Wicked (2003)
5th longest running musical in a bit will surpass cats 4th Based on novel by gregory maguire Book- winnie holzman Music lyrics- stephen schwartz
Avenue Q
Jeff marx robert lopez- music and lyrics Book- jeff witty “Seaseme street for adults” Rasism, porn,gay All but 3 charcaters are puppets Won 3 tonys includimng best musical beating wicked bc lyes
next to normal
Pulitzer prize Rock musical Music lyrics ryan yorkie Book: tom kit 11 tony nom 3 wins 733 performances
Spider-man Turn off the dark
Most expensive musical on broadway, 75 mil Lot sgo hurt- OSHA Huge hit - grossed 2mil a week Set and costume noms tony 1056 performances 182 preview, usually 20 Director: Julie Taymor (“left” the production) Replaced by Philip William McKinley
Kinky Boots
Music and lyric cyndi lauper First woman to win tony for best score Book by harvey fierstein Inspired by true story and based on 2005 film 13 nom 6 wins imcludimg best musical Accept everyone no matter differences
A strange loop 2022
Pulitzer prize (10th) 2022 tony for best musical Book, music and Lyrics by Micheal R Jackson Jonathan Larsen Grant Winner Upcoming work White Girl in Danger
Lin-Manuel Miranda
Hamilton, in the heights 1980, in NYC Puertirican decent Mom psychiatrist Dad political consultant Privlaged Began writing in highschool When to hs with chris hayes Won mcarthor “genius fellowship” after in the heights Attended Wesleyan University When performing in in the heights is comissione dto translate lyrics of west side story In the Heights Music and lyrics lin manual miranda Book: Quiara Alegria Hudes 4 tonys including best musical, 1184 performances Started as student production when he was a sophomore in college as improv rap, over 9 years made way to broadway
Hamilton (2015)
Lin manual miranda composer, lyricist and book Source material: Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow Wanted it to be a concept album, mix tape originally but owner of public thetare convince dhm to bring it to the stage 16 tony noms 11 tony wins, 9th pulitzer prize for drama Cast album reached 2 on billboard charts, first to d this since hair
Pulitzer Prize For Drama
Of Thee I sing (1931) First For musical South Pacific (1949) 1950 pulitzer prize Fiorello How to succeed in business without really trying (1961) Pulitzer prize A chorus line Sunday In The park with George Rent Next to Normal Hamilton A strange loop