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Gray Catbird, Passeriformes Mimidae
gray body with black beak and cap call: meow plus chattering
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European Starling, Passeriformes Sturnidae
Slender bill. HIGHLY VARIABLE APPEARANCE, LOOK AT other images
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Cedar Waxwing, Passeriformes Bombycillidae
Notable crest, red strip on wings
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House Sparrow, Passeriformes Passeridae
Note the white wing bar on the shoulder region. This is preserved across seasons, the rest of the coloration is somewhat variable.
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American Pipit, Passeriformes Motacillidae
big belly, long tail, streaky bird with long legs
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Purple finch, Passeriformes Fringillidae
Females are white where males are reddish
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House Finch, Passeriformes Fringillidae
Females are white where males are orange
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Red crossbill, Passeriformes Fringillidae
Bill Females are yellow
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Pine siskin, Passeriformes Fringillidae
Yellow markings on wings
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American Goldfinch, Passeriformes Fringillidae
Yellow, white markings on wings Black crest in males but not females Crest is reduced in non-breeding males.
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Evening Grosbeak, Passeriformes Fringillidae
Black crest in breeding males No streaks within the black portion of wings.
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Snow Bunting, Passeriformes Calcariidae
white belly, rust cap, supercill and necklace Variable markings, but the white streaks on wings are present always. Black wingtips become reduced as white region grows over time. Color of head goes from tan to white. Females retain tan coloration and brown wings
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Orange Crowned Warbler, Passeriformes Parulidae
Grey head in juveniles
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Common Yellowthroat, Passeriformes Parulidae
Very dark black mask, white obove, yellow throat very common call: witchyiwthcywithcy
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Yellow Warbler, Passeriformes Parulidae
very yellow swith some black barring on wings song: sweet sweet lil more sweet marsh
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Yellow rumped Warbler, Passeriformes Parulidae
yellow rump patch and black mask, white throat patch Call: fading trill forested
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Wilsons Warbler, Passeriformes Parulidae
Black cap, dark eye, Smaller black cap in females (absent in juveniles) Yellow body
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Spotted Towhee, Passeriformes Passerellidae
white belly with bronze edges. Wing spots
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Song Sparrow, Passeriformes Passerellidae
streaks on body AND streaky striped crown and chestnut eye ring call:very chattery, changing pitch
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Fox Sparrow, Passeriformes Passerellidae
red tail back, head, spotting on breast, bellybelly with spotting Grey parts of head
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White Crowned Sparrow, Passeriformes Passerellidae
Very strong B&W crown, pink bill, clean gray breast
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Golden Crowned Sparrow, Passeriformes Passerellidae
Yellow crown with broad black eyebrown
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Dark eyed Junco, Passeriformes Passerellidae
white bill and belly with crest call: sewing machine like May have bronze back (rufous feathers
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Western Tanager, Passeriformes Cardinalidae
Head may not be this red always, but yellow shoulder stripe is retained.
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Black headed Grosbeak, Passeriformes Cardinalidae
Black head, burnt orange underparts
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Red Winged Blackbird, Passeriformes Icteridae
Black body, orange wing region with yellow stripe
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Brown headed Cowbird, Passeriformes Icteridae
females have dark purple or black/blue gloss over body
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Bullocks Oriole, Passeriformes Icteridae
Stripped wing tip, orange body, black eyeline and crown.