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Weaving baskets is a cultural trait in some Native American societies. What type of trait would this be?
Germany is an example of a vernacular region.
When a country is able to invest more money in health infrastructure, how can you infer that would affect the population?
Mortality rates would drop.
Kwame is going to visit East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, and Mozambique with his grandfather, who does business in these regions. Kwame wants to be able to say a few phrases to the people here, but there are so many different languages. He reads up and finds that many people in these places also speak Swahili in addition to their native tongues. What could Swahili be considered for these countries in East Africa?
the lingua franca
What prevalent factors would point to a higher mortality rate among a particular group?
poverty and lower educational attainment
Facundo is comparing the populations of New York and California. New York has the highest population density in New York City, while California has a much larger land area. Rural areas of both states are fairly low density, but California has more counties with medium to high population density. What geographic factor is Facundo comparing about these two states?
population distribution
Which theory suggests that the influence of the physical environment on humans determines the cultural characteristics of that social group?
environmental determinism
Oakland is located across a bay from San Francisco in western California. What does this describe about Oakland?
Jade is working on a report for her civics class. To figure out the population density of her state, what two pieces of information will Jade need?
total population and land area
What is the purpose of language?
to communicate
Jamal has found that the fertility and mortality rates in his home country have remained the same for the last 50 years. What type of pyramid would BEST represent this population?
stable pyramid
In the demographic equation, mortality balances fertility.
Which stage of the demographic transition model is high fertility and high mortality, indicating low growth?
stage 1
Who first explained the theory of cultural diffusion?
Alfed Kroeber
Languages are constantly being influenced and evolving.
After moving to New Jersey from Malawi over a year ago, Funsai has begun to speak English more and more both at school and at home (his native language is Swahili). What is this an example of?
Hierarchical diffusion is diffusion based on the geography of gender.
Which stage of the demographic transition model is declining fertility and low mortality, which shows high growth that is declining?
stage 3
What theory holds that the social culture is not totally determined by the environment?
environmental possibilism
Kiara wants to figure out how to divide the country of Belgium into regions to study. She is comparing the religions, ages, languages spoken, and races of populations in different areas. What type of data is Kiara using?
Which field in NOT a subfield of human geography?
Kerry is studying towns in Africa to compare the human-nature interactions of large and small towns. What concept is Kerry MOST likely basing his comparison on?
What is the term for a person who speaks several languages?
What is the physical location of a place referred to as?
the site
When Jeelan’s whole community fled their village because of attacks from a militant group called the Islamic State, they were relocated to a camp for refugees. Because their whole ethnic and religious group was under attack, every member of her group has now relocated to one of the camps in her new area. They are continuing as many of their cultural traditions as they can in their new location. What process has happened here?
relocation diffusion
A polyglot is a map of language distribution.
What type of population pyramid shows a pattern of mortality and fertility that is unchanging?
Which could be considered separate homogeneous regions?
France and Germany
A region that has had devastating fires for many years would likely see what happen to its population?
the population would decrease
What type of diffusion describes how the number of people that possesses a particular culture trait increases?
expansion diffusion
The demographic transition model consists of seven stages.
Which is an example of a vernacular region?
the American south
Which is an example of folk culture?
horse-and-buggy transportation of the Amish
What helps diffusion and political interaction between culture groups?
Caitlyn has found that the total fertility rate for Montana is 1.73. What other piece of information would Caitlyn need to predict how many babies will be born this year in Montana?
the total population number
Hunter lives in a region where English is the most common language, but he has also learned one of the languages of the native people of the area because many work for his father’s business. In addition, he is learning Spanish in high school. Which word would BEST describe Hunter?
Demographics is data that is used to tabulate the various characteristics of a human population.
Ancient geography was__________, while modern geography is more concerned with_____________.
descriptive; relationships
How many major language families are there?
In the United States, life expectancies for Asian Americans and Hispanics are higher than the life expectancies of Native Americans and African Americans.
A viral music video is spreading to many parts of the world as children love to watch and sing along with the song. What type of diffusion would this represent?
Who argued that totemism was the basic beginning of all other, more developed, forms of religion?
Emile Durkheim
If human geographers are most concerned with how languages spread through space and time, what researchers, other than some human geographers, would be concerned with the differences between various languages?
Which is NOT a religion?
Berat has found that the name of his city, Chicago, comes from the word “Shikaakwa” meaning “wild leek” in the Native American language of people who lived in this area. What is the word “Chicago” an example of?
The population of a city would be ___________than a town.
Which is NOT an important concept of geography?
Which of the following is NOT an example of material culture?
What is the study of the distribution of plants and animals called?
What are the combination of related traits that identify a specific culture group called?
culture complex