Muscular system

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Spaced Repetition

spaced repetition

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superficial, upper back, makes upside-down triangle; origin is occipital bone + vertebrae and inserts on scapula and clavicle
superficial, mid and low back; muscle inserts on humerus
narrow muscle, runs down neck and towards scapula; deep to trapezius
bigger and inferior; run between scapula and vertebrae; deep to trapezius
smaller and inferior; run between vertebrae and scapula; deep to trapezius
deep to the deep muscles, run up and down covering most of back
superior muscle on shoulder
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not a part of rotator cuff; below teres minor
superficial muscle on front of arm; 2 heads
superficial on back of arm; 3 heads
big, superficial, muscle on chest
smaller, deep to the pec. major
fan of them, attached to ribs on lateral sides
more lateral than internal, hands (fibers) going IN pocket
more medial than external, fibers going opposite way
deep to platysma, narrow band running up on each side of neck
deep to platysma, 2 narrow muscles running up to head, inverted V under chin
cheek muscle
circular muscle around eye, winking muscle
circular muscle around mouth
covers whole neck, superficial
deep to platysma, two-bellies: one under chin, one running from chin to ear
side of head where temporalis bone is
where forehead is
back of head, where occipital bone is
Big muscle on lateral side of forearm
in front of elbow, short and angled
next to brachioradialis, on top of radius, tendon going to carpal region
next to flexor carpi radialis, middle of forearm, tendon goes to palm
next to palmaris longus, on pinky side
long tendon, next to extensor carpi radialis brevis, medial
short tendon, next to extensor capri radialis longus, lateral
next to extensor carpi radialis brevis, middle of forearm, tendons go to fingers
on pinky side
lateral sides, fibers running in pocket
fibers run up and down, medial
deep to external oblique, lateral, fibers running up
deep to internal oblique, fibers run horizontally
skinny line, runs from xiphoid process to symphysis pubis
medial, narrow bands, lumbar vertebrae to femur
sits on ilium, lateral
narrow band, front of thigh, angled and superficial
short, lateral
superficial, butt muscle
deep and superior to maximus
inferior to medius, deep to maximus, see it medial to psoas major
front of thigh, medial, superficial
on medial side of rectus femoris
on lateral side of rectus femoris
deep to rectus femoris, white CT on in-class model
medial on thigh, in front of gracilis
medial on thigh, behind gracilis
medial part of thigh, narrow band
next to biceps femoris, on top of membranosus, skinnier
deep and medial to semitendinosus, thicker
lateral side of hamstrings
lateral to tibia
lateral side of tibialis anterior
next to fibula
big, superficial muscle of back leg
deep to gastrocnemius
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