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what would a 2.4 aperture be good for?
low light or minimum depth of field
what would a 16 aperture be good for?
bright spaces and maximum depth of field
what is 1/1000 shutter good for?
freeze frame in bright places
what is 1/2 shutter speed good for?
blur and low light places?
avg aperture chart
1.4, 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16, 22
what is the normal lens for a 35mm camera?
50 mm
how do you shoot a blur shot?
slow shutter speed moving subject
how do you shoot a stop action?
Very high shutter speed, subject in motion
How do you shoot a pan?
1/30-1/60 shutter speed following the moving subject
whats a wide angle lens?
24mm-35mm lens good for architecture and landscapes
what is a standard lens?
35mm-85mm good for people, portraits
what is a telephoto lens?
75m+ requires a lot of light flattens depth good for sports and wild life
what is a zoom lens?
can range and change as much as 16mm-600mm
what does the camera shutter speed do?
controls how long the shutter is open
what is matrix metering?
reads the overall light, takes the average brightness of the entire frame, so will ignore bright areas, like sun, gives correct exposures in most cases
what is centre weighted metering?
Gives about 75% weight to a broad section in the center of the image and gives about 25% to the edges of the photo, good for outdoor classics shots where the scenes have differences in contrast
what is spot metering?
designed to read a tiny section, more precise on just that one section
how do you use exposure?
always best to expose for highlights in digital (opposite for film), it is easier to recover details in the shadows than highlights. You can burn in your highlights if you overexpose,
what is bracketig?
taking the same photo with a different exposure, usually one stop at a time. Take the meter reading at what the camera says Normal is (N) and then +1, -1, +2, -2
what is hdr?
taking at least 5 shots and you can pick and chose the best exposure for the one part of the frame, these images look hyperreal
what is the difference between reflected light meter and incident
Most handheld and those in the camera. They measure the luminance or the light reflect4ed from the subject. The meter is pointed at the subject. A spot meter is a reflected metering system as well. incident is handheld. They have a much wider angle of view and measure illuminance, or the light falling on the subject. The incident light meter is pointed not toward the subject but toward the camera.
what is asa/iso?
Measurements of film speed or sensitivity to light. Doubling film sensitivity also doubled its ASA number. They control the light sensitivity of camera’s image sensor.
what is 100 iso best for?
bright places, outdoors
what is 3200 best for?
dusk, mid light
lower asa means?
finer grain
what is digital zone x?
what is digital zone v?
middle gray
what is digital zone 0?
what is the major difference in exposure on digital vs film?
digital overexposure in not recoverable film underexposure is not recoverable
what does burning do in a photo?
increases exposure to specific area to darken them
what is a fish eye lens?
widest angles 18mm and below distorts edges
who is gordon parks?
African American self taught 20th century photographer best known for early photojournalism and pieces like american gothic, harlem gang leader, emerging man and in motion fashion photography
who said this famous quote? "a weapon against poverty, against racism, against all sorts of social wrongs"
gordon parks
Who is Jess T Dugan?
A nonbinary American portrait photographer known for pieces like self portrait (with their mom), to survive on this shore, a letter to my father, and exhibitions such as visible love and designing motherhood, they've won the infinity award
who is Eugene Smith?
One of the most renowned photojournalists of all time, credited with pioneering the modern photo essay. Some famous work includes WWII photography for life, The Walk to Paradise Garden, Nurse Midwife, Minamata
The Smith Fund Grant was created in honor of which famous photographer?
Eugene Smith
first step in film processing procedure?
1 minute water pre soak agitate 30 seconds
second step in film processing procedure?
developer around 68 degrees 1:1 water ratio, time depends, agitate 30 5
third step in film processing procedure?
stop bath 30 seconds
fourth step in film processing?
fixer for 7 minutes, agitate 30/5
fifth step film processing procedure?
water rinse 30 seconds
6th step film processing?
perma wash 1 minute constant gentle agitation
7th step film processing?
5-10 minutes
8th step in film processing procedure?
photo flo 30 seconds
final step film processing procedure?
1st step in print making process
developer, 90 seconds, gently agitate
2nd step in print making process
stop bath 30 seconds, gently agitate
3rd step in print making process
rapid fixer, 2 minutes
final step in print making process
wash 10 minutes
what is the point of presoaking film?
it helps create a stable environment for processing and decrees the chance of having streaks and air bubbles form
what does developer do in film processing?
helps create visible images
what does a stop bath do?
stops any further development
what is the purpose of fixer?
removes any remaining unexposed silver
what's the point of perma wash in film?
helps clear hypo to great reduce the final wash time
what does photo flo do?
reduces streaks and other drying marks on film