ALM Rules

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Rule 1
You are a team: fail and succeed as a cohesive unit
Rule 2
Memorize ayaat 8-10 of Surah Al-Hujurat [49] and ayaat 1-5 of Surah Al-Baqara [2]
Rule 3
Do not disrespect a Member of the fraternity in any way
Rule 4
When praying on campus, organize groups to earn the ajer of Jamaa’a
Rule 5
Give salaam and greetings to Members with dignity and respect for both parties
Rule 6
A uniform task will be administered when rules are broken
Rule 7
Remove trash and debris from places they should not be
Rule 8
Provide assistance to any people whom you come across, but not in a way that contradicts the values of the fraternity
Rule 9
Help the disabled or physically weak and impaired, may Allah strengthen you
Rule 10
Never assist anyone in a manner or act that will bring any type of harm to yourself or the fraternity
Rule 11
No cargo shorts, may Allah forgive you
Rule 12
Smile often. It is a Sunnah
Rule 13
Treat women with respect and dignity
Rule 14
Silence cellphones in Fraternity meetings
Rule 15
Give a firm shake-hand with eye contact
Rule 16
Strive to maintain the dignified and noble image of the Fraternity, wherever you are
Rule 17
Dress in an appropriate and presentable manner
Rule 18
Never mute Slack
Rule 19
No strap-on ties, may Allah protect us
Rule 20
From this day on, you will respect the secrecy of the Fraternity machine. Brotherhood is built on the trust and reliance that you will not betray your fellow brothers’ secrets. Breaking this rule will result in immediate discharge from the Fraternity, regardless of the magnitude of the infraction. Maintaining secrecy is included but not limited to: relationships of brothers, meeting locations, Fraternal rituals, and anything regarding Fraternal issues.