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river restoration
reestablishing structure and function of a river ecosystem; goal is to get as close to pre-disturbance as possible
river rehabilitation
making land useful again after a disturbance; not necessarily aimed at meeting pre-disturbance conditions
river reclamation
changing a river's biological capacity; ecosystem definitely changes from pre-disturbance
how do you decide what to restore in a river?
depends on project but: observe what shapes the channel's morphology both short and long term; pick a goal, see how these factors impact said goal
where do you decide to restore a river?
depends on project but: diagnose a problem, design a way to fix it based on previous observation, implement design, monitor it to ensure success
what are the two most important factors you must consider when restoring rivers?
spatial contexts and temporal contexts
in the PNW, what is the hottest river restoration design right now?
large woody debris (LWD)
where should you look for a river's historical context and true natural form?
read historical descriptions, look at historical pictures/art of it
where is beaver restoration an important part of river restoration?
everywhere but especially small streams
what are dave's ten commandments of river restoration?
do not harm; look beyond channel to see whole context; use native materials; mimic natural structures; let channels do the work; let channels use their floodplains; manage inputs to system so river can fix itself; only use direct manipulation as a last resort; allow for river to make its own changes; and use qualified/appropriate personnel to design efforts