Major Prophets - Jeremiah/Lamentations

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"Yaweh establishes"
meaning of the name Jeremiah
627 B.C. - 582 B.C.
dates for Jeremiah
from mother's womb
When Jeremiah was ordained to the prophetic office
most psychological prophet
True/False: Jeremiah was from a priestly line.
age at which Jeremiah began his ministry
586 B.C.
fall of Jerusalem
scribe who assisted Jeremiah
"weeping prophet"
another name for Jeremiah
unconditional surrender
Jeremiah's one continual theme tat set him apart from other OT prophets
Jeremiah's father
number of times word "heart" is used in Jeremiah
falsely believed to be Jeremiah come back to life
1.) similar historical setting 2.) message for Israel and world 3.)from high tradition 4.)accused of political treason 5.)tried, persecuted, imprisoned 6.) foretold destruction of Temple
six ways in which Jesus and Jeremiah were similar
city both Jeremiah and Jesus wept over
destruction of Temple
what both Jeremiah and Jesus foretold
political treason
what Jeremiah and Jesus were both accused of
Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Daniel, Ezekiel
four writing prophets who also ministered during Jeremiah's ministry
number of kings of Judah that ruled during Jeremiah's ministry
discovery of Mosaic Law in Josiah's 18th year
last spiritual revival of Judah
Chapter 2-45
chapters focused on judgment on Judah
Chapters 46-51
chapters focused on judgment on Gentileations
judgment on Judah
theme of Chapters 2-45
judgment on Gentile nations
theme of chapters 46-51
more references to this nation in Jeremiah than anywhere else in the world
iron pillar, bronze wall
what God promised to make Jeremiah
awake tree
another name for the almond tree
first tree to bud and bear fruit
why the almond tree is called the "awake tree"
direction the boiling pot was facing in Jeremiah's vision
the people the boiling pot represented
Jeremiah 1:10
verse serving as the summation of Jeremiah's message--both of judgment and blessing
number of messages of judgment in Jeremiah
number of general messages of judgment
number of specific messages of judgment
priests, pastors, prophets
three groups of people Jeremiah singles out
1.) animal that broke its yoke 2.)good vine turned corrupt and wild 3.)irremovable stain 4.)animals in heat looking for a mate
Four pictures describing Judah's insatiable lust for idols
Valley of Hinnom
where the Jews would sacrifice their own children
Judah had as many gods as _______________.
a woman who divorced her first husband and remarried, never to return to her first husband
what Jeremiah likens Judah's spiritual adultery to
to find one righteous person
why God told Jeremiah to "run ye to and fro" throughout Jerusalem
chapters 7-10
chapters for Jeremiah's Temple address
Solomon's Temple still standing, miraculous delivery from Sennacherib a century earlier
why Jews thought God would not punish them
"The Temple of the LORD"
what the people chanted three times in a row as a talisman or good luck charm
Babylonian goddess of fertility, represented as Mary in Catholicism
dug up and spread like dung
what Jeremiah said would happen to the nobles bones'
trade language of that day, wanted all to understand message of judgment
why Jeremiah 10:11 is written in Aramaic
1.) no marriage or children 2.) no funeral meals/ceremonies 3.)no entering houses with feasts
three restrictions placed on Jeremiah
Valley of Hinnom
also served as the city dump
"valley of slaughter"
what God renamed the Valley of Hinnom
Hebrew word for "drum", often used as another word for hell
chief governor/high priest who ordered the first recorded physical act of violence against Jeremiah
Linen belt and bottles
symbolic act God had Jeremiah perform to gain the people's attention and show their complacency towards their spiritual condition
how God would smash/destroy Judah
what the smashing of the bottles in the symbolic act with the linen belt and bottles represented
millennial reign
When Israel will be returned to the land and enjoy God's blessing
Sabbath Law of 7yr Land Rest
one command Jeremiah focuses on that shows how far the people had departed from God
ease, tranquility
meaning of the name Pashur
hope of repentance replaced with certain judgment
how Jeremiah's message changes after the violence ordered by Pashur
sent his officials to request Jeremiah to enquire of the Lord about Nebuchadnezzar's attack on Jerusalem
last king of Judah before the 70 years of Babylonian captivity
son of King Josiah, only reigned 3 months before being dethroned by Egypt
605 B.C.
first deportation to Babylon
king whose body was dumped outside the city like a donkey
king possibly assassinated to appease Nebuchadnezzar's wrath over the attempted rebellion
king who was taken to Babylon after a 3 month siege of Jerusalem to live out the rest of his life
king who would never have a son sit on the throne of David again
538 B.C.
small number of Jewish captives return to Israel (after Cyrus' decree in 536 B.C.)
number of years captivity in Babylon
how Jeremiah's messages of judgment are arranged
536 B.C.
Cyrus decrees that the Jews may return
full cup
what God's wrath is pictured as in Jeremiah 25
exiles from Judah God promised to watch over and bring back to land
what the basket of good figs represented
Zedekiah, other survivors in Israel and Egypt
what the basket of bad figs represented
Tribulation (Rev. 6-19)
ultimate fulfillment of God's wrath
prophet cited in defense of Jeremiah
faithful prophet hunted down all the way to Egypt and killed
a yoke
represented Babylonia's rule
True/False: The false prophets only proclaimed peace.
True/False: The author of Lamentations is stated as Jeremiah
false prophet who interrupted Jeremiah's preaching in the Temple to declare God had broken Babylon's yoke and that all of the Temple vessels, Jeconiah, and the captives would be restored in two years
Hananiah's death, iron yoke of judgment
what Jeremiah prophesied in response to Hananiah's false prophecy
597 B.C.
Nebuchadnezzar attacks Jerusalem (under Johoiachin), second deportation occurs
Book of Consolation
series of prophecies offering hope to God's people, looking beyond the exile and return; written before final judgment
1.) God will replant land with offspring of 12 tribes and silence proverbial curse 2.)internalization of Word through Holy Spirit, peoples' sin paid by Divine substitute, nation's survival guaranteed 3.)permanent place provided in Jerusalem
three aspects of the New Covenant
purchase of his cousin's field
Jeremiah's act of obedience and action of faith that God would redeem the land for His people
586 B.C.
Jerusalem's walls destroyed
character of God
greatest argument for the perpetuity of Israel and her full and final restoration
king who covenanted with all the people to release all Jewish slaves, possibly to impress God
faithful people contrasted with Judah to show Judah's unfaithfulness
Lamentations consists of 5 ____________.
king who burned Jeremiah's scroll and then ordered Jeremiah and Baruch be arrested
588-586 B.C.
siege of Jerusalem, ending in its destruction
destroyed Jerusalem in 586 B.C.
number of times Jerusalem's destruction is mentioned elsewhere in the OT
30 months
length of Nebuchadnezzar's final siege of Jerusalem
God promised comfort to him because he proved his trust in God by interceding for Jeremiah's life
Babylonian officer familiar with Jeremiah's ministry
who the Babylonian officer Nebuzaradan urged Jeremiah to find protection under
Ishmael son of Nethanial
assassin sent by Ammon who killed Gedaliah and the Babylonia soldiers stationed at Jerusalem
chased after caravan of captives trying to flee back to Ammon
Azariah, Johanan
accussed Jeremiah of lying when he prayed for 10 days and told them to return to Jerusalem, not flee to Egypt
where Nebuchadnezzar would set his throne when he captured Egypt
what the stones buried by Jeremiah represented
house of the sun
meaning of the name Beth-shemesh
"house of the sun"
Central Park, Thames River
two different locations of obelisks from the time of Hieropolis
True/False: Baruch had a brother on the king's official staff
forced to emigrate to Egypt with Jeremiah
True/False: Jeremiah identifies the sins of the nations like the other prophets
Egypt, Philistia, Moab, Ammon, Edom, Damascus, Arabia, Elam, Babylon
nine gentile nations Jeremiah proclaimed judgment on
Baruch's brother and Zedekiah's chamberlain
tie a rock to it and let it sink into the river
what Seriah was to do with Jeremiah's message once he finished reading it before the Babylonian officials
fall of Babylon
what Seriah's sinking of Jeremiah's message to the Babylonian officials represented
God is the God of all nations, God is first and foremost the God of holiness and righteousness, God's judgments never vindictive but vindicative, Judgment is God's strange work, God is impartial
five principles that underlie all Biblical prophecy
561 B.C.
date of writing of final chapter of Jeremiah
Chapter 52
chapter of Jeremiah identical to the events of II Kings 24:18-25:30
"to cry aloud"
meaning of Lamentations
first word of Lamentation's Hebrew text
"limping meter"
what the first four poems of Lamentations are written in
special occasions
Lamentations is among the five scrolls read in synagogues for centuries for _____________ _______________________.
alphabetic acrostics
what the first four chapters of Lamentations are
served as mnemonic device, aided in grief management, pointed to final resolution of the grief
reasons author chose to used acrostic pattern for first four poems
city widowed
First Lament
a people broken
second lament
a prophet suffers
third lament
a kingdom ruined
fourth lament
a nation prays
fifth lament
first lament
a city widowed
third lament
a prophet suffers
fifth lament
a nation prays
second lament
a people broken
fourth lament
a kingdom ruined