Voting and Elections Unit

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the status of being a citizen, a person who by birth or naturalization enjoys certain rights
an ideology favoring an active role for government in efforts to solve society's problems
an ideology favoring a limited role for government and more private initiative bu nongovernmental groups to solve society's problems
14th Amendment
adopted in part to define citizenship rights. It also says that states cannot discriminate against citizens or deprive them of rights without due process of law
legal process through which a person not granted citizenship by birth can become a citizen
ideology based on a strong belief in personal freedom. Conservative on economic issues, liberal on social issues.
ideology that unites Americans deeply concerned with conservation and protection of the environment.
middle-of-the-road voters; center of the political spectrum
political party
an organization that seeks to achieve power by electing its members to public office
interest group
any organized group whose members share a common goal and try to promote their interests by influencing government policymaking.
a political party's statement of principles and objectives
two-party system
a political system in which two parties dominate the electoral process and control the government.
political action committee (PAC)
an organization that raises and distributes funds to candidates running for office.
an organized effort to influence the policy process by persuading officials to favor or oppose action on a specific issue.
public policy
a plan or course of action initiated by government to achieve a stated goal
a meeting of party members to choose party officials or nominees for public office
primary election
an election in which voters determine their political party's nominee for an elective office
general election
an election in which voters choose among candidates from different parties to fill an elective office
the right to vote
voter registration
the process of signing up to vote, under federal authority
closed primary
voting in the primary is limited to registered party members
open primary
allows all voters to vote in primary election
presidential election
Occurs every four years in even numbered years
midterm election
Occurs in even-numbered years between presidential elections
off-year election
Occurs in odd-numbered years
Electoral College
a body of electors from each state who cast votes to elect the president and vice president
the number of Electoral College votes needed to win the presidential election
26th Amendment
Sets voting age at 18
a public official seeking reelection to the position they currently occupy
four qualifications for voting
18 years old, US citizen, resident of state in which you are voting, registered voter
goal of a political party
to get their nominee elected and into public office
The main goalis to limit economic inequality by ensuring a fair distribution of wealth.
lawful permanent resident
an immigrant who is legally authorized to live and work in the US permanently, who is not a US citizen. (resident alien)
undocumented immigrant
a person who has come the US to live and work without the required legal papers.
a set of political beliefs about the roles of government and individuals in society
local voting district
third party
a term used for a minor political party
presidential election dates
the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November on even numbered years
total number of Electoral College votes
The number of Electoral College votes a state has is based on
US congressional representation
Minnesota primary
open primary; open to all eligible voters
19th Amendment (1920)
Women gain the right to vote
24th Amendment (1964)
Abolishes poll taxes
Voting Rights Act of 1965
a law designed to help end formal and informal barriers to African-American suffrage
15th Amendment (1870)
Prohibited voting restrictions based on race, color, or previous condition of servitude (slavery)