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In the years 1200-1450, what "led to an increased volume of trade and expanded the geographical range of existing trade routes"?
Improved commercial practices
In the years 1200-1450, the "increased volume of trade and expanded... geographical range of existing trade routes" promoted the growth of what?
powerful new trading cities
In the years 1200-1450, there was a growth in the international trade of what kind of goods?
In the years 1200-1450, the growth of interregional trade in luxury goods was encouraged by innovations in what two areas of technology?
transportation and commercial
In the years 1200-1450, Chinese, Persian, and Indian artisans started making more of two things for export. What were those two things?
textiles and porcelain
In the years 1200-1450, the manufacture of what two things expanded in China?
iron and steel
"The expansion of empires—including the Mongols—facilitated" what two things in Afro-Eurasia in the years 1200-1450?
Afro-Eurasian trade and communication
What "encouraged significant technological and cultural transfers" between regions of Afro-Eurasia in the years 1200-1450?
Interregional contacts and conflicts between states and empires
What are the three trade routes/trading areas, mentioned in Unit 2, that were important in the years 1200-1450?
Silk Roads, Indian Ocean, trans-Saharan
What three technologies helped expand international trade in the Indian Ocean in the years 1200-1450?
compass, astrolabe, larger ship designs
The Indian Ocean trading network fostered the growth of ______________ in the years 1200-1450?
During the years 1200-1450, in key places along important trade routes, merchants set up ___________________ communities."
What two things happened in the diasporic communities that merchants set up in key places along important trade routes between 1200 and 1450?
merchants introduced their cultures to the natives and vice versa
Interregional contacts and conflicts between states and empires --between 1200 and 1450 -- encouraged what?
significant technological and cultural transfers
Between 1200 and 1450, the expansion and intensification of long-distance trade routes often depended on _________________________ knowledge."
What example of environmental knowledge, given in CED 2.3, was important for people participating in trade in the Indian Ocean? In other words, what did they need to know about?
monsoon winds
The expansion of the empire of Mali "facilitated Afro-Eurasian trade and communication as new people were drawn into the economies and trade networks." Where was the empire of Mali?
W Africa
In the years between 1200 and 1450, "increased cross-cultural interactions resulted in the diffusion of" what 5 things?
literary, artistic, and cultural traditions as well as scientific and technological innovations
In the years between 1200 and 1450, what two things allowed city populations to increase at times?
Rising productivity and expanding trade networks
"As exchange networks intensified" -- between 1200 and 1450 -- what did "an increasing number of travelers within Afro-Eurasia" do?
write about their travels
What two things diffused along trade routes?
crops and pathogens
What specific disease is mentioned in CED 2.6 -- the disease spread along trade routes?
Bubonic Plague