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Army that uses surprise attacks and sabotage
An intense pride in one's homeland
Idea that people who belong to a nation should have their own country
The Triple Entente: France, Russia, and Great Britain
Central Powers
The Triple Alliance: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria
Information designed to influence opinions
The German submarines
Forced military service
War Industries Board
Coordinated the production of war materials
Victory Gardens
Citizen gardens planted to save food for troops
Committee on Public Information (CPI)
Tried to "sell" the war to American people
Spying to acquire secret government information
No Man's Land
A barren landscape between two opposing trenches
Groups of ships escorted across the Atlantic Ocean
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
German-Russian treaty ending Russia's participation in WWI
A cease fire that ends war
Fourteen Points
President Wilson's plan for the post-war world
League of Nations
An organization set up to preserve peace and prevent future wars
Treaty of Versailles
The terms of peace with Germany
War damage compensation paid to the allied nations
General Strike
A strike involving workers living in a certain location
Red Scare
A fear of communism spreading to the U.S.
Expelling somebody from the country
Pancho Villa
Mexican bandit who attacked Columbus, New Mexico
Franz Ferdinand
Heir to the A-H throne, assassinated in Sarajevo
John Pershing
Led an expedition to capture Villa, later led to the U.S. forces into WWI
Woodrow Wilson
Served as president during WWI
Harry Garfield
Introduced Daylight Savings Time to save energy during the war
A nickname for American soldiers
A group of communists fighting for control of Russia
Vladimir Lenin
Leader of the Bolsheviks party
David Lloyd George
British prime minster during WWI
George Clemenceau
French premier during WWI
Vittorio Orlando
Italian prime minister during WWI
A. Mitchell Palmer
U.S. attorney general who was bombed by communists, led to raids on foreigners
J. Edgar Hoover
Head of the FBI who attacked the communists
Calvin Coolidge
Became president during the post-war years, return to normalcy
4 causes of WWI
1) Nationalism 2) Imperialism 3) Militarism 4) Alliance System
How did war begin in the Balkan region?
Franz Ferdinand was assassinated; the region was known as the "powder keg" of Europe
What type of war was fought in WWI?
Trench warfare
Zimmerman Note
A telegram from the German foreign minister to the German ambassador in Mexico, proposed an alliance
4 new weapons used in WWI
1) Machine gun 2) Tank 3) Poison gas 4) Airplane
How was propaganda used in WWI?
Used posters to advertise joining the army, saving food, having a role in the war somehow, etc.
2 of Wilson's 14 points:
No secret treaties, less colonialism
2 parts of the Treaty of Versailles:
Established 9 new nations, broke up the Ottoman empire and the Austria-Hungary empire
Weaknesses of the Treaty of Versailles
The harsh treatment of Germany, humiliated Germans, and Germany would never be able to pay back $33 billion
Italy: Ally, Central Power or Neutral?
Spain: Ally, Central Power or Neutral?
Austria-Hungary: Ally, Central Power or Neutral?
Central Power
United Kingdom: Ally, Central Power or Neutral?
Russia: Ally, Central Power or Neutral?
Mexico would've been given what from the proposed alliance with Germany?
Land/lost territory
German war plan that called for the invasion of Belgium
Schlieffen Plan
Great Migration
Movement of African-Americans to northern cities
Battle of the Somme
Battle that totaled about 1 million casualties, leading about 7 miles
From what nation was Gavrilo Princip, the duke who assassinated Franz Ferdinand, from?
Leading into WWI, what warship sank on May 7, 1915?
Liberty Bonds
Allowed Americans to loan money to the government