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in the contemporary vernacular, I argue that the environment naturally provides equal opportunity; the government doesn't have to substitute artificial 'equal opportunity"
herbert spencer
developed a theory similar to Darwin in three days
alfred russel wallance
so many species could not have entered Noah's Ark
amerigo vespucci
before Darwin animals were considered
I am a very religious man and the captain of the HMS Beagle
Captain Robert FitzRoy
i am the site of the first course in experimental psychology in the US
the Beagle took Darwin to this place where he wrote the most
Galapagos Islands
he argued that the goal of psychology as the study of people as they adapt to the environment
William James
The Principles of Psychology (1890) by William James had two versions. What was the long version called?
William James referred to John Dewey and James Rowland collectively as the
Chicago School
concerned with how the mind functions and how it is used by organisms to adapt to the environment
I was looked at as as embarrassment of the field of psychology later in my career
William James
I worried about fear of my theories being condemned
Charles Darwin
I proposed eugenics to foster the improvement of inherited qualities in humans
Francis Galton
I wrote the first book of comparative psychology called 'Animal Intelligence"
George Romanes
Believed that animal behavior should not be overestimates to higher mental processes
C. Lloyd Morgan
knowledge by experience can be explained in terms of evolutionary principles
synthetic philosophy
I had a public interest in Seances
William James
Idea that consciousness is a continually flowing process and any attempt to reduce it to elements will distort it
stream of consciousness
I was offered and refused the post of royal physician to George III
Erasmus Darwin
I first risen high in the Navy, but then I went through a series of career reverses and went on a down spiral. A few years after, I took a knife to my throat
Captain Robert FitzRoy
argument that males have a greater range of ability than females, especially in intelligence
variability hypothesis
real physical illness without an underlying pathology
I married my first cousin Emma Wedgewood
Charles Darwin
Cap. Robert FitzRoy private goal for the voyage was to find evidence confirming the biblical stories of
Genesis and the Flood
introduced the ideal of geological evolution
Charles Lyell
inheritance of acquired traits
jean baptiste lamark
a feverent believer in democracy, and a participant of what some believe would call 'free love'
erasmus darwin
I assumed intelligence can be measured with motor capacity
francis galton
Idea that no sharp distinction exists between humans and animals
Charles Darwin
although i earned my PhD from Harvard, I was refused the degree by the Harvard Corporation
Mary Calkins
natural selection of traits best suited for environment is fundamental points of
on the origin of species by means of natural selection
proposed that the mean and standard deviation were the most useful for describing data
francis galton
francis c sumner dissertation was titled
the psychoanalysis of freud and adler
eugenics was a popular idea for many years until one man took it to an extreme
adolph hitler
in 1884, this was the aim of defending the range of human capacities of the entire British population
anthropometric laboratory
was hand selected by Darwin to apply theory of evolution to the mind
george john romanes
my invention includes: windmill, copy machine, steering system for carriages that is the basis for your car's steering system
erasmus darwin
the first of many debates that would occur over the years pitting Biblical beliefs against Darwin's theory
huxley wilberforce debate