Homer's World

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Epic Poetry
Long narrative poetry about an epic hero‚Äôs adventures. Starts in media res(starts in the middle and then recounts). Very serious - that‚Äôs the nature of it. Epics are passed down (orally). Uses epithets(tagline ‚ÄúIvan the Great‚ÄĚ) and repetition to mimic memory aids.
In Media Res
Starts in the middle of the action and recounts from past back to present. (basic idea)
The poet that was credited for writing two of the most influential/famous Greek epics.
The Illiad and The Odyssey
Two of the most influential/famous Greek epics.
Trojan War
A legendary war that took place in 1200 B.C (750-725 BC) between Sparta and Troy. Caused because Paris stole Helen. Spartans vs Trojans.
King of Sparta
Queen of Sparta
Helen; Face that launched 1000 ships.
Spartan General
Creator of the Trojan Horse plan
A greek warrior in the major war (main). Week point is his heel.
Prince who kidnapped Helen
Prince's Brother
Hector (he was a good warrior but also a jerk)
Goddess who supports the Trojans
Goddess who supports the Spartans
Odysseus’s homeland
Ithaca (by the side of Greece)
Odysseus’s wife
Odysseus’s son
Assets of Odysseus as a warrior
Determined, strong, and brave (Biggest: His Intelligence; Guile)
In Homer’s time, what did most Greeks believe about their gods and goddesses?
They took an active interest in human affairs, often engaging in their own trivial quarrels and petty jealousies. Gods were like humans (emotionally).
Epic Hero (Hero Archetype)
Noble Birth Extraordinary Abilities (superhuman strength, craftiness, etc.) Vast Traveler Great Warrior Receives supernatural assistance Embodies ideals and values that a culture considers admirable. Emerges victories from perilous situations Heroric flaw (hubris)
Epic Plot
Strange Creatures Large-Scale Events Challenges to chapter (temptations, disloyalty, tough choices….) Divine Intervention Treacherous Weather
Epic Setting
Includes fantastic and exotic lands. Involves more than one nation.
Archetypes (Bottom of Hero’s Journey Thing)
Hero Mentor Threshold Guardian - Holds hero back Herold - Alarm figure (displays danger to come) Shapeshifter Shadow - The actual enemy Trickster - Good or Bad (Kinda like a clown)
Epic Themes, Universal Concerns
Courage Loyalty Justice/Revenge Trickery/Deception Temptation ***A Homecoming***/Love for one’s nation
Ordinary World
Describe the protagonist's ordinary world. Get to know the character. See how special the new world is. (comparisons)
Call to Adventure
Why does the character have to venture out of his/her comfort zone? The start of the plotline. Hero's world is disturbed and a challenge w/ high stakes is presented.
Refusal of the Call
The protagonist has second thoughts or a person/situation almost stops them. The hero starts to doubt themselves and their abilities. Communicates risks and likelihood of failure.
Meeting the Mentor
A being helps the hero. The mentor gives the hero confidence and courage to take on the adventure. The hero is given knowledge an basic workings of this new world.
Crossing the Threshold
The journey had begun. This is the true start. The hero accepts their fate and takes on the challenge to venture into the new world.
The ups and downs of the journey. The hero meets people inhabiting the world and starts to understand the makings. The people they meet could be helpful or harmful to their progress.
Approach to the Innermost Cave
The preparation stage before the hero ventures into the story's heart. What the hero has to overcome + confront. 2-Sided = physical and personal.
Supreme Ordeal
Death and rebirth. Hero is at their worst (dies/almost dies). The hero faces their greatest fear and this is the most central, essential, magical stage. Climax.
Seizing the Sword/Transformation
The hero changes their outlook/approach. Celebration. The hero replenishes their energy and the readers get a chance to breathe before the hero continues. The hero's outlook, however, has changed and the hero themselves has become a new individual.
The Road Back
The hero is victorious. The journey is completed and now the hero must make the journey back to the ordinary world. They might have to make a very important decision here.
The hero is a new and better person back in the ordinary world. The final showdown between the shadow and the hero. Their most dangerous meeting w/ death.
Return with the Elixir
The final reward of the story. The lesson/treasure from the new world that has been brought back to the ordinary world. The stories closure.
Creator of the Hero's Journey
Jospeh Campbell