[MICRO20] Lec 3: Fundamentals of Virology (Flashcards)

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These are misfolded proteins that are responsible for several neurodegenerative diseases found in both humans and animals.
Reverse transcriptase
It is a DNA polymerase enzyme that is present in retroviruses that transcribes single-stranded RNA into DNA.
False Explanation: RNA viruses that use DNA intermediate like orthomyxovirus and retrovirus replicate in the NUCLEUS as they undergo reverse transcription that occurs inside nucleocapsids.
TRUE OR FALSE: In the biosynthesis of RNA viruses (such as orthomyxovirus and retrovirus) that use DNA, the RNA virus replicates in the cytoplasm.
Cytopathic effect
The changes in cell morphology caused by infecting viruses are called ________.
TRUE OR FALSE: Detergents are useful for enveloped viruses as it solubilizes their envelope.
False Explanation: Human papillomavirus causes cervical and anal cancers while burkitt lymphoma is a disease caused by epstein-barr virus
TRUE OR FALSE: Human papillomavirus (HPV) causes burkitt lymphoma disease in humans.
It is a viral family that causes fifth disease and anemia in immunocompromised patients.
III - VII - VI - I - IV - II - V
Arrange the following according to the replication of DNA-containing animal virus. I. Viral DNA is replicated and some viral proteins are made. II. Virions mature. III. Virion attaches to the host cell. IV. Late translation occurs and capsid proteins are synthesized. V. Virions are released. VI. A portion of viral DNA is transcribed, producing mRNA that encodes early viral proteins. VII. Virion enters a cell and its DNA is uncoated.
Complex structures
_________ is a type of viral structure that is neither purely cubic nor helical.
TRUE OR FALSE: Viruses possess both DNA and RNA.