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The characteristics of living organisms include: _____ organization, _____ complexity, s_____, growth, development and _____, energy _____, h_____, and evolutionary _____
cellular; ordered; sensitivity; reproduction; utilization; homeostasis; adaptation
the nature of science is also called the "_____ _____"
scientific method
the scientific method helps us ask questions about our world in a _____ way.
The nature of science: observe ---> formulate _____ ---> Make _____ ---> make _____ ---> design an _____ ---> analyze the _____ ---> accept or reject _____ ---> repeat
question; hypothesis; predictions; experiment; data; hypothesis
_____ - an educated explanation for an observation
_____ _____ - the treatment or condition. It is the variable that is manipulated by investigators
independent variable
_____ _____ - the 'measured' variable. It depends on the independent variable.
dependent variable
_____ _____ - a sample group that receives the treatment
experimental group
_____ _____ - a sample group that does not receive the treatment
control group
Form (or structure) determines _____
All living systems depend on information transactions. This information is stored in the form of _____ _____
genetic material
DNA = ____________ ___
deoxyribonucleic acid
Inheritance relies on the _____ _____ and _____ of genetic information to future generations
accurate copying; transfer
_____ - change over time
_____ _____ popularized the idea of evolution in the late _____s
Charles Darwin; 1800
We can see evidence of evolution in: _____ record, g_____, ______ of the earth, comparative _____, and p_____
fossil; age; anatomy; phylogeny