Missouri Constitution Test- Political Science

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What issue caused Missouri's official entrance into the union to be delayed?
What state body is composed of a Senate and a House of Representatives?
The General Assembly
What federal body is the general assembly comparable to?
What is the term for a state law?
8 Years
When do legislative sessions begin and end?
What is the minimum age for a senator?
What is the length of term for a senator?
4 years
What is the maximum number of terms for a senator?
2 terms
What is the Maximum number of years in the office for a senator?
8 Years
What is the minimum age for a representative?
What is the length of term for a representative?
2 years
What is the maximum number of terms for a representative?
4 terms
What is the Maximum number of years in the office for a representative?
8 years
What state law limits the service of a senator, representative, or governor in our state?
Term Limits
How many people serve in the Missouri Senate?
How many people serve in the Missouri House of Representatives?
What is the total number of people in the General Assembly?
What official may sign or veto a bill passed by the General Assembly?
What small groups receive bills and work out the details on these proposed bills before each house votes on them?
What option is a governor using if he signs a part of a bill into law but he rejects another part or parts of the same bill?
Line-item veto
What position is the Chief Executive of the state of Missouri?
The governor
List 3 judicial actions that a governor may take as a part of his/her checks and balances
1. Appoint Judges 2. Reprieve criminal sentencing 3. Pardon and Commute sentences
How long is a governor's term and how many terms may one governor serve?
4 years and can serve 2 terms.
What position would become governor in case of a vacancy before a term is completed?
Lieutenant governor
Who is the president of the Missouri Senate?
Lieutenant governor
What role would this official play if there is a tie vote in the Senate?
They would be the tie-breaking vote.
What position keeps the official records of our state?
Secretary of State
What position writes the checks to pay the official state bills?
State Treasurer
What position would check the records to assure that Missouri funds are not being taken by state or county employees?
State Auditor
What position would represent Missouri in a court case?
Attorney General
How long are the terms of the governor, lieutenant governor, auditor, secretary of state, secretary of treasury, and attorney general?
4 years
What department protects our wildlife?
Department of Conservation
What department protects our supplies of resources?
Department of Natural Resources
What department protects children and the elderly?
Department of Social Services
What department sets programs for public schools?
Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
What are the 3 divisions of our state courts (in order)?
Missouri Supreme Court, the Courts of Appeal, and the Circuit Courts.
What local court is each county required to have?
Associate circuit court
How many justices make up Missouri's Supreme Court ?
Which branch of government decides if laws are constitutional?
Judicial Branch
What type of crime can take away a person's right to vote while the sentence is being served?
Felony Offense
What type of law can the citizens pass in an election after a special petition is signed and verified as valid?
What power gives Missouri's citizens the right to sign a valid petition and force a current law to be voted on by all eligible Missouri voters?
How many counties is Missouri divided into?
114+ St. Louis city
What term identifies the central location for government offices in each county?
County Seat
What type of building must all county seats have?
What length of term applies to most all elected county positions in government?
4 year term
What elected county official handles all election activities?
County Clerk
What county official sells marriage licenses and keeps copies of these documents in a special vault?
County Recorder
What county official keeps a copy of all land deeds pertaining to that county?
County Recorder
What county official determines the value of land and all property to be taxed and sends out the bills?
County Assessor
What county official takes the tax money from those who pay it?
County Collector
What county official invests the county's money and then writes the checks to pay the county's bills?
County Treasurer
What county official sets the official docket (calendar) for the court cases heard in that county?
Circuit Clerk
What county official assists people with private business matters because they are not able to physically or mentally (declared by court order) to take care of themselves?
Public Administrator
What group runs the county's business?
County Clerk
What is the title of each of the 3 members of this group?
County Commissioners
What county official represents the people in all court cases involving a criminal offense and attempts to bring justice and keep the people safe?
Prosecuting Attorney
What official is the chief law enforcement officer in the county?
County Sheriff