Chapter 2 Key Issue 1

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What are the four largest population clusters?
East Asia, South Asia, Europe, Southeast Asia
What type of characterisitcs do the 4 main clusters share?
Low-lying areas, fertile soil, temperate climates, easy access to an ocean
How many of the world's inhabitants live in the 4 clusters?
How many of the world's people live in East Asia?
What are some countries in East Asia?
Eastern China, Japan, the Korean Peninsula, Taiwan
What is the most populous country and the fourth largest in land area?
The People's Republic of China
Where is China's popultion clustered?
Near the Pacific Coast and in fertile river valleys
How many of China's people live in rural areas and work as farmers?
More than 1/2
How many of Japan's and Korea's people live in urban areas at industrial or service jobs?
More than 3/4's
How many of the world's people live in South Asia?
Nearly 1/4
What are some countries in South Asia?
India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka
Where are the largest concentrations in South Asia?
900 mile corridor from Pakistan to the Bay of Bengal; India's two long coastlines and the plains of the Gangus and Indus rivers
Where do South Asians usually live and work?
Most are farmers in rural areas
How many countries does Europe have?
4 dozen
What is the largest country in the world?
Russia, when it's Asian part is included
How many of Europe's people live in cities? How many are farmers?
3/4's; less than 10%
Where are the highest concentrations in Europe?
Near major rivers, coalfields, and historic capital cities
How many people live in Southeast Asia?
Around 600 million, mainly on islands
What is the fourth most populous country?
Where is the largest population concentration in Southeast Asia?
Java, Philippines, Indochina
Do people mainly live in rural or urban cities in Southeast Asia?
What are the two sprouting clusters?
Eastern North America and west Africa
What is the most populous country in Africa?
Where do most West Africans work?
In agriculture
the portion of Earth's surface occupied by permanent human settlement
What are the 4 sparsely population regions?
Dry lands, wet lands, cold lands, high lands
Characterisitics of dry lands
Lack water to grow enough crops, have much of the world's oil reserves
Characterisitics of wet lands
Located near the equator, deplete nutrients from the soil
Characterisitics of cold lands
Near the poles, covered with permafrost, unsuitable for crops and animals
Characterisitics of high lands
Too steep, mainly only populated in low latitudes
What are the 3 types of density?
Arithmetic, physiological, agricultural
Arithmetic density
population÷land area; answers the "where" question
Physiological Density
population÷arable land area; shows the amount of stress on land
Agricultural Density
farmers÷arable land area; shows the effiency of farmers