Virology Exam 3

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virus enters from animal bite and multiplies in myocytes for weeks to months. virus binds to nAch receptors at neuromuscular junction and then travels along axons in peripheral nerves (using retrograde transport) to the CNS. The viruses then replicate in motor neurons of the spinal cord and dorsal root ganglia and ascend to the brain. Rabies then spreads along nerves to salivary glands, skin, cornea and other organs. Saliva is infectious for two weeks before symptoms show
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Poxvirus inhaled, prodromal period in which you feel sick, continuum of rashes
Centrifugal, clusters on extremities
Inhibition of extracellular virus formation through an interaction with f13L protein
receptors TNF and Nectin 1/2
Bidirectional DNA replication. RNA primers (blue arrows) are synthesized by a herpesvirus. Viral proteins bind to origins of replication on the DNA and open it. Proteins serving as primases, helicases and primers help to synthesize DNA. Replicated DNA rolls of the template forming a concatemer (a long continuous DNA molecule that contains multiple copies of the same DNA sequence linked in series)
Virus travels down the axon and establishes productive lytic function
Nucleotide analogs (chain terminators), inhibited herpesvirus encoded dna pol
mostly prescribed for hsv1, hsv2 and vzv
guanosine analog
chain terminator, prevents dna elongation
relatively nontoxic
can be used for long-term prophylaxis 
topically, intravenously or orally taken
Polio, hairpin IRES, Baltimore category 4, +ssRNA

same virus family picornaviradae
Receptor: sodium taurocholate cotransporting polypeptide (NTCP), which attaches to the HBsAg of the dane particle. Viral cores released into cytoplasm. Host enzymes ligate ends of the genome and DNA synthesis is completed, gaps repaired in both strands making a closed circular DNA molecule that is organized into a chromatin like structure called an episome which acts as a template for pregenomic RNAs and genomic RNAs. Viral RT converts pregenomic RNA into DNA inside of Dane particles. Dane particle can go through ER and golgi to receive surface proteins and be released or can go to the nucleus to repeat cycle
similar to polio
Recombinant DNA Vaccine in yeast