Appendicular skeleton

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oval-shaped depression; best seen laterally
"hook"; anterior side, in front of glenoid cavity
swollen end of scapular spine ("top of cane")
on same side of glenoid cavity
opposite side of glenoid cavity
ridge runs horizontally on backside of scapula
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smooth, round structure at proximal end
lateral; rough, bumpy, and pointy
anterior; between head and greater tubercle, rough
rough area; more prominent if had muscle
round ball; next to lateral epicondyle; anterior
"bow"; looks like it's made up of two things; next to capitulum
depression right above trochlea
shallow, very small; right above capitulum
projection sticking out on lateral side
projection sticking out on medial side (bigger and more prominent epicondyle)
big, deep depression on backside of humerus
medial; same side of pinky (U-shaped scoop)
the scoop
top part of trochlear notch
bottom of trochlear notch
smooth divot; right below coronoid process; lateral
like a nub, not pointy like styloid process; distal
projection points down (like boot heel); more posterior
lateral; same side of thumb
proximal; looks like head of nail
pointy end; distal
rough, bumpy, on diaphysis of proximal end
distal; smooth divot; opposite side of styloid process
first bone in proximal row
second bone in proximal row
third bone in proximal row
last bone in proximal row (sits on triquetrum)
first in distal row
second in distal row
third in distal row
last in distal row (has a hook)
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thumb does not have this
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Stitch ears
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superior part; biggest part
inferior to ilium; posterior
inferior to ilium; anterior
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round, ball head; sits in acetabulum; medial
depression on head
narrow, constricted, below head
pointy projection
below neck; little nib; pointy posterior
proximal end; roughened end; posterior
same side as greater trochanter
same side of head
narrow ridge running down diaphysis; posterior
depression/groove between 2 condyles
chicken-pot pie looking bone
flat circle; same side as medial malleolus
flat circle
distal projection sticking downward; big bump on ankle medial
rough bump on front; proximal
lateral; super skinny
proximal end
snakehead on distal part
posterior end; more superior; tibia sits on it
heel bone; fibula sits on it
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sits next to cuboid
lateral; in front of calcaneus
medial; in front of talus (from superior view)
Big toe is 1 and pinky is 5
1 does not have a middle phalange