Facial & Cranial Bones

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Frontal Bone
the large cranial bone forming the front part of the cranium: the forehead and the upper part of the orbits
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Parietal Bone
either of two skull bones between the frontal and occipital bones and forming the top and sides of the cranium
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Temporal Bone
bone that forms parts of the side of the skull and floor of the cranial activity.
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Occipital Bone
a saucer-shaped membrane bone that forms the back of the skull
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sphenoid bone
bat-shaped bone that is described as the keystone bone in the cranium because it articulates with all other cranial bones
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ethmoid bone
contributes to the anterior cranial fossa; forms part of the nasal septum and the nasal cavity; contributes to the medial wall of orbit
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Sagittal Suture
Located on the midline of the skull lies between both parietal bones (immovable joint)
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Coronal Suture
the suture between the parietal and frontal bones of the skull
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Lambdoid Suture
suture that separates parietal bones from occipital bone
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Squamous Suture
between parietal bone and temporal bone on side of the skull, bordered in back by occipital bone
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supraorbital margin
frontal; thick margin of the eye socket that lies beneath the eyebrows
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supraorbital foramen
frontal; opening above each orbit allowing blood vessels and nerves to pass
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frontal; smooth area between the eyes
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cheekbones; each form a lateral orbit
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zygomatic process
temporal; a bridgelike projection that articulates with the zygomatic bone to form the zygomatic arch
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mandibular fossa
temporal; located on the inferior surface of the zygomatic process; receives the condylar process from of the mandible to form the temporomandibular joint
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External acoustic Meatus
temporal; canal leading to the middle ear and eardrum
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Styloid Process
temporal; needlelike process that serves as an attachment point for ligaments and muscles of the neck
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Jugular Foramen
temporal; located where the petrous part of the temporal bone joins the occipital bone; forms an opening which the internal jugular vein and cranial nerves IX, X, and XI pass
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Mastoid Process
temporal; located posterior to the external acoustic meatus; serves as an attachment point for neck muscles
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Foramen Magnum
occipital; large opening at the base of the cranium through which the spinal cord passes
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Occipital Condyle
occipital; rounded projections lateral to the foramen magnum that articulates with the first cervical vertebra (atlas)
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external occipital protuberance
occipital; midline prominence posterior to the foramen magnum
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greater wings
sphenoid; project laterally from the sphenoid body, forming parts of the middle cranial fossa and the orbits
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pterygoid processes
sphenoid; project inferiorly from the greater wings; attachment site for chewing muscles
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Sella turcica
sphenoid; "turkish saddle" located on the superior surface of the body; the seat of the saddle, called the hypophyseal fossa, holds the pituitary gland
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lesser wings
sphenoid; form part of the floor of the anterior cranial fossa and part of the orbit
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Crista Galli
ethmoid; rooster's comb, a superior projection that attaches to the dura mater, helping to secure the brain within the skull
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cribriform plates
ethmoid; located lateral to the crista galli; form a portion of the roof of the nasal cavity and the floor of the anterior cranial fossa
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Forms most of the upper jaw, and part of the hard palate, contains upper molars, premolars, and canines
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the lower jawbone in vertebrates
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Condylar Process
mandible; articulate with the mandibular fossae of the temporal bones
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mandible; horizontal portion that forms the chin
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mandible; vertical extension of the body
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mental foramina
paired openings on the body; transmit blood vessels and nerves to lower lip and skin of the chin
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thin trapezoidal bone of the skull forming the posterior and inferior parts of the nasal septum
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