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Functional responsibilities
providing safe, reliable, fully mission capable aircraft to the user
Aircraft readiness goals
achieve 75% fully-mission capable rate by end of report period. Report period starts on 16th of month and ends 15th month
2 categories of readiness
mission capable, non mission capable
2 types of mission capable
fully mission capable, partially mission capable
2 types of non mission capable
supply, maintenance
have to explain if over ___% quality mission capable time
aviation unit maintenance
aviation intermediate maintenance
aircraft reporting covers a ___ hour period
P4T3 maintenance
problem, people, parts, plan, training, tools, time
functional responsibilities
sustain material
objective of army aviation
maintenance objective is to maintain readiness at an optimal level with the fewest resource, makes aircraft available
controlled exchange
removal of unserviceable component used to exchange for a serviceable component from a non mission capable aircraft to bring piece of equipment to mission capable status
phase periodic inspections
optimal hours to fly
actual hours flown
AR 750-1
army material maintenance policy
AR 750-10
army modification program
AR 750-59
army corrosion prevention and control program
DA pam 738-751
status symbols
ATP 3-04.7
aviation maintenance operations
supplement supply operations by providing assets not immediately available thru the army supply system
maintenance manage role
realizes significance of aircraft availability if unit is to accomplish its mission in war and peace
command maintenance discipline program
evaluate unit maintenance programs on day-to-day basis, oriented to combat readiness, makes army more efficient, checklist, establish maintenance discipline
condition based maintenance
application and integration of process, tech, and knowledge-based capabilities to improve reliability and maintenance effectiveness
types of negligence
simple, gross
levels of maintenance
field and sustainment
types of field maintenance
unit and intermediate
types of sustainment maintenance
primary purpose of maintenance
provide max amount of aircraft, interface commander fusion point, sustain theater forces
___ has authority to locate and assign all field level maintenance capabilities in support of CAB mission
combat aviation brigade commander
Preventative maintenance daily PMD
required on last flight of mission date or before first flight of next mission date, if sits out for more than 7 days needs to be PMD again
____ responsible for pre, thru, and post flight inspections
___ responsible for preventative inspections
production control section
supervises the control exchange program
quality control section
maintain complete technical reference library
platoons of aviation maintenance company
headquarters, airframe repair, component repair
grounded, non-mission capable
TM XX-10 series
covers how to operate vehicle
TM XX-20 series
covers mechanic
Army maintenance standard
fully mission capable, all services performed, all modifications applied, all basic issue items (BII) serviceable and should be there or on order
brigade support battalion (BSB)
organic unit of brigade combat teams and support brigades, provides supply and services, fuel, ammo, maintenance, health and services support, and transportation operations for BCT
4 primary logistic support operations
plan, coordinate, synchronize, execute
global combat support system army GCSS-A
tactical unit/installation logistics and financial system, tracks supplies, spare parts, organizational equipment, unit maintenance, total cost of ownership, financial transactions
who needs licensing
any soldier who operates army equipment needs a license
licensing perquisites and conditions
valid driver's license, mental/emotional state, free of alcohol/drug incidents, good driving recordsl
licensing eval process
commanders' interview, physical exam, driver
used by commander to control equipment use, responsibility for equipment and operator's safety, commander must ensure procedures are understood and followed
must be established and maintained by all army organizations and actives performing maintenanc
6 maintenance factors
command emphasis, supervisors, management, motivation, time, resources
essential items when performing preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS)
equipment, technical manuals, DA form 5988-E or DA form 2404
fault diagnosis
determine deficiency v shortcoming, ID cause, ID repair requirements, ID maintenance allocation chart repair category, ID parts requirements
who responsible for PMCS
who responsible for perform PMCS
who collects data, assigns and inspects work?
most critical member of army maintenance system
operator/crew members
DA 5988-E equipment data
given by system, verified by operator/crew
DA 5988-E service due data
listed scheduled services
DA 5988-E faults and parts requested
list of parts ordered against faults
DA 5988-E maintenance faults
lists equipment faults verified by operator/crew or maintenance personnel
property accountability refrences
AR 735-5, AR 710-2 (command inspections), DA PAM 710-2-1
keep records of property, documents, or funds
accountable officer
person officially appointed on order to maintain formal set of records
3 types of account officers
transportation, stock record, property book
accountable officer can be
DoD: commissioned officer or warrant officer, civilian employee with approval from appointing official, enlisted sergeant or above with approval from MACOM commander if other 2 options unavailable
ensure gov property and funds are properly used and cared for, property custody, safekeeping, and disposition are providing
types of responsibilities
command, supervisory, direct, custodial, personal
Command responsibility
cannot be delegated, ensure all gov property within command is properly used and cared for, proper custody, safekeeping, and disposition are provided
Supervisory responsibility
cannot be delegated, ensure all gov property issued to or used by subordinates is properly used and cared for, proper custody, safekeeping, and disposition are provided
Direct responsibility
ensure all gov property for which has been receipted/signed for is properly used and cared for, proper custody, safekeeping, and disposition are provided, results from signing for the property
Custodial responsibility
obligation for property in storage awaiting issue or turn-in to ensure property is properly used and cared for, proper custody, safekeeping, and disposition are provided
Personal responsibility
ensure all gov property issued for, acquired for, or converted to a person’s exclusive use, with or without receipt is properly used and cared for, proper custody, safekeeping, and disposition are provided
assigning responsibility depends on __ between people and the property under their control
army property
real and personal
Real propery
land, buildings, structures, utilities
Personal property
anything not realT
types of personal property
expendable, durable, non expendable
Expendable property
consumed in use or loses its identity in use, less $500, does not require hand receipt
Durable property
not consumed in use, does not require property book accountability, requires hand receipt, $500-5,000
Non expendable property
not consumed in use and retains original identity during period of use, hand receipt and property book required, $5,000 and above
Classes of supply
I – Subsistence II – Clothing, individual equipment, tentage, hand tools, tool kits and tool sets III – Petroleum, oils, and lubricants IV – Fortification and barrier materials V – Ammunition VI – Personal demand items VII – Major end items VIII – Medical supplies, minimal amounts IX – Repair parts X – Agriculture
command supply discipline program leadership
biggest aspect of CSDP
command supply discipline program training
maintain supply discipline, commanders adhere to CSDP and conduct training for all subordinates
command supply discipline program administrative measures
AR 735-5 provides various administrative measures for accounting for lost, damaged, and destroyed property
command supply discipline program disciplinary measures
assist in deterrence and corrective action for lost, damaged, or destroyed property
Types of property
organization and installation
organization property
property authorized by MTOE or TDA, property unit will take to field or deployment
installation property
all other property not listed in authorization documents, will not take to field or deployment
hand and sub-hand receipts
Hand receipts are required whenever property book or durable items are issued No restrictions on number of hand receipts but should be limited to commander, supervisor and user Component hand receipt is record of responsibility for items listed on it – use when issuing SKO or end item with components, validates all component shortages less expendable consumable between primary hand receipt holder and user End item has multiple components Hand receipt shortage annexes List of components missing from an end item Nonexpendable shortages validated by property book officer PBO Expendable/durable shortages validated by commander If something missing required to give 72 hours for person to find it before administrative actions Purpose of inventory is for proper accountability of stuff
temporary hand receipts
One unit will not loan items to members of another unit unless approval is first obtained from appropriate authority Loaned for max of 30 days Within 5 days prior to expiration of temp hand receipt, notify hand receipt holder and arrange for return on property
equipment receipts
Issued to same person on recurring basis Used for weapons good for 24hrs
change documents
DA Form 3161 Used to keep hand and sub-hand receipts current
administrative adjustments
If more than 2 numbers of serial number wrong, it is a 15-6 investigation Otherwise, it is administrative adjustments DA form 4949 deals with minor adjustments
hand receipts don'ts
Lend equipment of company without commander’s approval Delegate physical inventory action Temp/sub receipts remain outstanding past 30 days
simple negligence
acted as any reasonable person would and made mistake
gross negligence
did not act as any reasonable person would and made mistake
30 days to complete Sensitive item lost or destroyed Value of shortages exceeds person’s monthly basic pay Person refuses to admit liability by signing a statement of charges or cash
Annual/cyclic inventory
Annual 100% of all property assigned to organization will be conducted Cyclic may be performed instead when property book kept at different location Conduct cyclic inventories monthly, quarterly, or semiannually 10% monthly, 25% quarterly, 50% semi Inventory requires technical manual and supply catalogs Inventory arms room (weapons and ammo) monthly Sensitive/controlled items inventoried quarterly Joint inventories have 30 days to be completed