Frases de influencia y emoción

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Aconsejar que
To advise that
Recomendar que
To recommend that
Sugerir que
To suggest that.
Exigir que
To demand that
Querer que
To want that
Es necesario que
It is necessary that
Es importante que
It is important that
Es bueno que
It is good that
Es mejor que
It is better that
Ojalá que
I hope that (God willing)
Temer que
To fear that
Tener miedo de
To be afraid that
Sentir que
To feel sorry that
Esperar que
To hope that
Me molesta que
It bothers me that
Te sorprende que
It surprises you that
Nos alegra que
It makes us happy that
Le enoja que
It angers him that
Les preocupa que
It worries them that
Parece bueno que
It seems good that
Es triste que
It is sad that
Es una lástima que
It is a shame that
Es malo que
It is bad that