membrane structure

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energy transformation, organizing chemical reactions, talking to the environment around it, transportation, endo and exocytosis, osmosis, metastasis
cell membranes are important for...
nonpolar region of phospholipid molecules
what is A
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polar region of phospholipid molecules
what is B
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membrane channel
what is C
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carbohydrate chains
what is D
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receptor molecule
what is E
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external membrane surface
what is F
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phospholipid bilayer
what is G
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internal membrane surface
what is H
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what is I
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what is J
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do prokaryotes have membrane bound organelles?
longer hydrocarbon FAT and cholesterol
what makes the plasma membrane more rigid?
gives support and anchors proteins so that they don't move
what does the cytoskeleton do for the plasma membrane?
plasma membrane
encloses the cell, defines its boundaries, and maintains the essential differences between the cytosol and extracellular environment
dynamic structure
what does it mean when something is not static, move about in the plane of the membrane
is the lipid bilayer hydrophobic, hydrophilic, or amphiphilic?
has hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties
glycerol head
which part of the lipid bilayer is hydrophilic
fatty acid tail
which part of the lipid bilayer is hydrophobic?
sealed like a ball
is the bilayer energetically favorable when it is sealed by being triggered by water or when it is flat?
the ease of which lipid molecules move within the plane of the bilayer
lipid tails moving side to side
lipid tail rotates
length of hydrocarbon tail and number of double bonds
what does fluidity depend on when in relation to the phospholipid composition?
what is it when the hydrocarbon tail contains at least one double bond?
what is it when the hydrocarbon tail does not contain any double bonds?
is vegetable oil saturated or unsaturated?
is margarine saturated or unsaturated?
what is found in animal cells where the fluidity is modulated by its inclusion which is insoluble. It also fills the spaces between neighboring phospholipids by the kinks
what removes selected phospholipids from one half of the lipid bilayer and insert them in the other? This can result the new phospholipids to be redistributed equally in the membrane
what is housed in the golgi, removes more specific phospholipids from the noncytosolic monolayer and flips them to the cytosolic side which allows the outer membrane to be larger?
peripheral membrane protein
types of protein that are temporarily associated with the plasma membrane; can stick to a small portion of the lipid bilayer or to an integral protein
integral membrane protein
permanently embedded in the plasma membrane' can form transmembrane proteins or monotopic protein which attach to only one side
transmembrane proteins
what protein crosses through the lipid bilayer all the time that can have covalent attachment of a fatty acid chain that inserts into the cytosolic monolayer of bilayer
GPI anchor
what allows proteins to be on non-cytosolic side?
what is a small amphipathic lipid molecule that can disrupt the lipid bilayer and separates proteins from phospholipids
carbohydrate layer
what is I
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lipid bilayer
what is II
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what is III
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transmembrane glycoprotein
what is IV
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adsorbed glycoprotein
what is V
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transmembrane proteoglycan
what is VI
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what type of protein is made when there are short oligosaccharides side chains attached?
proteoglycan (heavily glycosylated)
what type of protein is made when there are long polysaccharide side chains attached?
what do the glycoprotein and proteoglycan make up together?
what is it when a slimy surface is made to allow movement?
a type of receptor protein that binds to carbohydrates on cell and allow for interactions (cell recognition)
fluorescence recovery after photobleaching
what is FRAP?
fluorescent antibody or GFP (green fluorescent protein)
what two things can be used to label a protein that interacts with the membrane?
not able to see any fluorescence and the bleach is irreversible
what happens when there is excess radiation with intense light on a small patch of membrane?