A Tale of Two Cities - Part 2 Vocab

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Dismal (adj.)
Causing dejection
Pore (verb)
Direct one's attention on something
Trepidation (noun)
A feeling of alarm or dread
Deprecate (verb)
Express strong disapproval of; deplore
Efficacy (noun)
Capacity or power to produce a desired result
Convivial (adj.)
Occupied with or fond of the pleasures of good company
Cogitate (verb)
Consider carefully and deeply
Pillory (noun)
A wooden instrument of punishment on a post
Indictment (noun)
An accusation of wrongdoing
Reproach (noun)
A mild rebuke or criticism
Auspicious (adj.)
Indicating favorable circumstances and good luck
Immolate (verb)
Kill as a sacrifice, especially by fire
Unimpeachable (adj.)
Beyond doubt or reproach
Malign (verb)
Speak unfavorably about
Plaintive (adj.)
Expressing sorrow
Verdict (noun)
Finding of a jury on issues submitted to it for decision
Throng (noun)
A large gathering of people
Vehemence (noun)
Intensity or forcefulness of expression
Acquitted (adj.)
Declared not guilty of a specific offense or crime
Barrister (noun)
A British lawyer who speaks in the higher courts of law
Glib (adj.)
Artfully persuasive in speech
Unscrupulous (adj.)
Without principles
Congenial (adj.)
Suitable to your needs
Compunction (noun)
A feeling of deep regret, usually for some misdeed
Incessant (adj.)
Uninterrupted in time and indefinitely long continuing
Fetter (noun)
A shackle for the ankles or feet
Tribunal (noun)
An assembly to conduct judicial business
Abject (adj.)
Most unfortunate or miserable
Propitiate (verb)
Make peace with
Clemency (noun)
Leniency and compassion shown toward offenders
Obstinate (adj.)
Marked by tenacious unwillingness to yield
Plaintiff (noun)
A person who brings an action in a court of law
Abnegate (verb)
Deny or renounce
Vociferate (verb)
Utter in a very loud voice
Refractory (adj.)
Stubbornly resistant to authority or control