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True/False: SLP and Audiology graduate degree are both a clinical masters degree
What is the type of therapy service that helps someone re-gain a skill that was lost due to illness, injury, etc. called?
In the fields of speech-language pathology and audiology rely on __________ to ensure proper diagnosis and clinical management of their patients.
Evidence Based Practice
True/False: there is a most correct English dialect
List 3 reasons why standardized tests are not equally valid for all individuals.
Minority individuals Linguistic bias Lack of languages offered Content is biased Lack of familiarity with test taking
How many morphemes does the word unfaithfully have?
4 (un/faith/ful/ly)
Content is the ________ of language.
What is it called when speakers are exposed to multiple dialects and use each dialect in different languages?
Code switching
What is the role of the nervous system?
Controls purposeful function Sends and receives signals The bodies command center Originates from the brain
Function of frontal lobes?
Contains motor strip, plays large role in motor movement
Function of parietal lobes?
Responsible for processing sensory information
Function of temporal lobes?
right: processes environmental stimuli left: contains auditory cortex
Function of occipital lobes?
Primary visual cortex
True/False: Humans breathe the same when they speak as when they are not speaking
What acts as a supporting structure in the larynx and doesn't produce sound?
False vocal cords/ventricular folds
Parkinson's disease is an example if a disruption of ______________ physiology.
Basal ganglia
What is the lowest resonant frequency produced by an oscillating object?
Fundamental frequency
Which top-down functions does the brain use to interpret sound?
Experience Memory Nonverbal cues
How many phonemes does sing have?
What is the function of the middle ear?
To convert acoustic to mechanical energy
Boomy is a ___________ term that describes the quality of sound.
True/False: Language is dynamic.
What is an example of habilitation therapy?
Infant getting cochlear implant's and learning how to communicate
What is a filter for speech?
Oral cavity
What are the 3 components of language?
Form Content Use
What are the 5 domains of language?
Phonology Morphology Syntax Semantics Pragmatics
Why are professional organizations important?
Provide: A standard for care Certification Education opportunities Networking opportunities Advocacy
What are the 2 professional organizations?
What structure produces sound for speech?
What part of the ear is the pinna?
Outer ear
In what part of the ear are the ossicles located in?
Middle ear
True/False: the oral cavity produces the sound for speech.
What does IPA stand for?
International Phonetic Alphabet
Scratchy is a ________ term that describes sound?
What are some differences between SLP and AuD graduate program?
Future job SLP- masters, AuD- doctorate
Name someone that an SLP and AuD would work with.
Physician Teacher PT OT
What is the free morpheme in the word pregaming?
What is an allophone?
Variations in the pronunciation of a phoneme
What can't an SLPA do?
Diagnose, work unsupervised
What is the type a therapy used to gain a skill?
What is a type of therapy used to regain a skill?
How to tell a difference from a disorder?
Standardized tests Observing behavior Patient history
What is speech breathing?
Inhalation occur more quickly than exhalations- used for talking
What is the study of a sound system of a language?
What is the function of the false vocal folds?
Supports larynx
What does a bilabial sound mean?
Use both lips to make sound
Where does the air pass through to get to the lungs?
What is responsible for balance?
Vestibular system
What is the difference between efferent and afferent neurons?
Efferent carries motor information Afferent carries sensory information
What is cognitive communication?
Memory and brain use
What are the 2 primary purposes of the phonatory system?
Protection (from aspirating food) Production of sound
What determines the frequency of someone's voice?
Length of vocal cords
What part of the ear collects sound?
What is the function of the epiglottis?
Protect airway (trachea/larynx)
What structure runs directly behind the trachea?
What is the difference in speech and language?
Speech is the actual sound created Language is how we communicate
What structure is innervated by the hypoglossal CN?
What is the difference between a physical quantity and a subjective quantity?
physical- a quantity of sound that can be measured subjective- a quantity of perspective and opinion
What is a Diphthong?
The blending of two vowel sounds
What is a harmonic?
A whole number integral of a fundamental frequency
Name the sound made when the top of the tongue hits the front of the roof of the mouth.
Why is speech perception important?
For development and production of language
What are the 3 smallest bones in the body?
What are the 3 ossicles?
Incus, malleus and stapes
What structure is responsible for making the "n", "m", and "ng" sounds?
The nasal cavity
What part of the brain works with the frontal lobes to control motor activity?
What is the scientific name for ear wax?
True/False: an audiology assistant can diagnose hearing loss.
What describes many versions of the same language
What is a professional organization?
A governing body that serves to standardize, unify, monitor quality, promote research, further education, along with updating skills of practice