Dev Psych Exam #2

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Spaced Repetition

spaced repetition

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Developmental Psychology


313 Terms
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unlearned, organized, involuntary responses that occur automatically in the presence of certain stimuli
-Infants are able to see about 20 feet in front of them with visual accuracy
-Babies also quickly develop depth perception, which has been tested through the use of "visual cliffs"
-They also prefer to look at more complex patterns, as well as learn how to distinguish faces
children will not cross a visual cliff, showing depth perception in young infants and toddlers
the fatty substance that coats the neurons, and is responsible for the increased efficiency in communication for neurons across the brain
Simple reflexes, First habits and primary circular reactions, secondary circular reactions, Coordination of secondary circular reactions, Tertiary Circular Reactions, and Beginnings of thought
encoding, storage, retreival
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the process by which information is initially recorded, stored and retrieved
children show inconsistent, often contradictory behavior, such as approaching the mother when she returns but not looking at her; they may be the least securely attached children of all
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the knowledge that quantity is unrelated to the arrangement and physical appearance of objects
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